Miami Herald: Dianne Stutts


In an era where there seem to be plenty of  IRS haters…..Remember the guy who suicidally flew a plane into the IRS building in Austin,Texas….. one has to be impressed that these identity theft victims received first rate ,albeit SLOW, service from the Internal Revenue Service.

IRS to the Rescue
My husband and I also were victims of tax identity theft. When we started to wonder about our refund, I called the IRS. That is what started the ball rolling toward eventually getting our refund. Yes, we were upset, and the process did take about 85 days from start to finish. The agents we spoke with were informative and helpful. It is unfortunate that fraud is so common in our state, and filing electronically opens a lot of doors for scammers. If all those people who spend so much time trying to run scams used that energy and thought for good, we would live in a much better world. Let’s direct our anger toward the perpetrators, not the agency that will eventually help.

Dianne Stutts, Pembroke Pines


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  1. Why does this remind me of the recent attacks on Darrell Issa? Just kidding. Issa has a habit of throwing stink bombs. Ask Mr hardball Chris Matthews. No need to go after Issa. He will bring himself down with his unprovable claims. It’s sad because he used to have some credibility.

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