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If I was I resident of Michigan City, Indiana USA, I am sure I would feel as aggrieved as Michael Koscielniak. I would love to know if Mike voted for Hillary because he was upset that Pence was not sensitive to a British Company dumping life threatening Mercury into the Great Lakes.

The past Republican Indiana Legislature granted a six-year permit to BP in Whiting to resolve dumping 100 times the EPA allowed Mercury into Lake Michigan.

 BP has failed and continues dumping the most harmful chemical known to man in the lake. BP was granted by Pence four to six more years to find an answer. BP, despite $4 billion in profits in the first quarter of 2014, says it’s not in the budget. Over 600 times the allowed amount of Mercury was and continues being dumped into the lake.

Pence needs pressure on this British company. Hoosiers, no matter what party you belong to, let the Governor know you disapprove of his alliance with BP. I’m a Republican and embarrassed being held hostage to men with profit before the health of Hoosiers(If you were employed by BP, you would be turning the other cheek).


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  1. There is more than a MAD small group of members of the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts regarding this Mercury poisoning issue. It is an affront to the environment and makes it clear to more Americans why all their “high level” politicians need soooo much security. When Pence was campaigning in Arizona and NM, we were on the front frow of two rallies. You could see his eyes darting when people rushed up to shake his hands. Very nervous looking even for an experienced politician!

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