Most Dangerous Place in Roswell


Edward Torres of Roswell, New Mexico is justifiably indignant about the safety of pedestrians at the Post Office on Pennsylvania Avenue. Motorists driving south on Pennsylvania will often turn left across the double yellow lines crossing in front of north bound traffic  and into the USPS parking lot. These drivers are looking out for oncoming traffic as opposed to walking post office customers. This, obviously, places pedestrians walking in front of the post office at a high risk of being struck by a reckless driver.

People walking into or out of the post office are at risk of being hit by a driver whisking into a parking space. Torres rightly suggests that RPD place traffic officers at the post office and that the officer’s salary would be paid by the fines imposed. His letter to the editor of the RDR titled  The Most Dangerous Place in Roswell is hyperbolic, but certainly drives home a good point and alerts citizens to be careful around the Roswell Post Office.

Citizen Concerned about Pedestrian Safety near Post Office

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  1. Thanks for bringing this issue to the surface. It has been that way at the Roswell Post Office ever since I can remember. Most folks are very safe and respectful of the law, but some are rather reckless and either do not care or do not notice the double line!

    The Roswell Police Department is unlikely to dedicate a traffic cop for the sole purpose of controlling traffic at the post office. The RPD does not pay that much and I heard they are short close to 10 officers. Edward Torres is right about all the tickets generating enough revenue to pay the officer’s salary!!

  2. Roswell is my home and I am proud of her despite all the people who bash the town. Things are kinda slow and service around the city can really suck at times, but every city has issues. Roswell is still a great place to raise children except on the southeast side of town!
    I gots to say that people who have time to bitch about the post office are already leading a good life! Got some rich Dairy kids here and a few Gangsters but the town aint big enough for the gangbangers. Headin on up to Albuquerque for some of that action!!!! OUT

  3. Yo Gangsta,

    What about your home boy Cody Manz? That punk was actin like his house in Ruidoso was burned down to the ground when he dont even live there! That little bitch was goin around asking people for hand outs. Some woman gave this beggin fool her last 40 bucks! It is people like Cody Manz that makes nobody wanna pull over and pick up a hitch hiker or help anybody at all. Manz ain’t the only one trying scam good Samaritan types of folks. No disrespect to your town Gangsta, just wish we could stamp out lowlifes like Manz.

  4. I know the guy that wrote this post was being a little overboard about post office being most dangerous place, but how about the home girl Erica Peterson and the home invasion she helped orchestrate?!! She knocks on this old mans door 1600 South Sunset in Roswell,NM. Says her car was broken down. Then her boyfriend accomplice donning a hoodie breaks into the the Good Samaritan’s residence and steals a wedding band, jewelry.
    RPD traces it back to Erica Peterson’s residence and 24 year old Erica Peterson is now keeping Jail bed warm in Chaves County Detention Center. I say lock her up and throw away the key. Criminals like Erica Peterson do not deserve a second chance. She wins the confidence of a friendly old man, only to have her boyfriend assault the gentleman and rob him! People who read about it in the newspaper will be less likely to help good people who are really in need. No rehabilitation or second chances for Erica Peterson.
    Who is gonna trust the opinion of some expert who claims Erica Peterson is no longer a threat to society? Would you if she was part of a home invasion into your domicile?

  5. Steve Ortega “registered tax payer” writes a letter to editor complaining that the streets south of college are not as well maintained as those north. Part of the reason may be that tax payers north of college have more expensive homes which means they pay more property tax for road repair and maintenance.

    1. Judging from a letter Ortega wrote to editor of RDR, he lives on the south side of Roswell. Homes on south side are typically less expensive dwellings meaning the homeowner pays less property taxes than their counterparts on north side of town. If more money is being spent for road and alley improvement, then that is completely fair Mr Ortega since folks on the north side of town put more money into the city coffers for said repairs and improvements.

  6. Rudy Sanchez is Roswell’s latest genius. Rudy announced in his letter to editor that women should rule the world. He even used a big word when he declared women perpetuate the species. He only forgot one thing: Men and women perpetuate the species. I guess Rudy deserves an A for effort, but his ignorance is DANGEROUS. I think he is trying to score brownie points with his wife.

  7. Phil Pantuso writes about monopolies in his letter to the editor of Roswell newspaper. He must live on the south side as he mentioned the farther you drive south from Sams/Murphy’s, the more the gas prices increase. If Phil owned Fulkerson Plumbing, I doubt he would have written a letter to New Mexico attorney General Tom Udall lamenting the lack of enforcement of the existing monopoly laws. The rich have been screwing the poor since we started recording our history.

    1. Pantuso brilliantly exposes the ignorance of Roswell citizen John Ford in his letter to editor. Ford has no more imagination or intelligence than to recite the give me your tired,your poor, your huddled masses blah blah blah when trying to justify the giving away welfare, food stamps, cell phones to illegal aliens.
      Pantuso gives a shout out to his compadre Mack for showing him how to use his monster computer.
      Phil cites his own Italian ethnicity as the right way to assimilate into American culture without expecting handouts from day one.

  8. Thanks to Kim Elliot for her letter to editor alerting Roswell citizens that building splash pads that recycle water is great idea for a city that will suffer through many scorching days without them. She points out that Cahoon Park Pool falls woefully short of the mark and that Cielo Grande park is a great location for an aquatic center.
    Indeed, without splashpads or aquatic centers, Roswell and its 108 degree temps is a Dangerous Place!!

  9. I think Dennis Palmitier was buddies with editor of the RDR when they worked together in Pampa, TX. I am glad Tim Howsare remembered Dennis as he has already contributed a humorous article to the Roswell newspaper about a very dangerous woman driver along with the effects of climate change on environment.

    1. Cherokee nation citizen Dennis Palmitier fabricated a dialogue between his two favorite people, Harry Reid and our nation’s first black president. Dennis is right about a vanishingly small minority fanning the smoldering racism flames, but his made up exchange between Obama and Reid where Reid suggests the 44th president stir up indignation about Redskins being offensive to native Americans is similar to the tripe that liberal types make up on the spot to advance their tenuous views.

  10. RPD arrested Carmen Pichilla aka Manuel Herrera for kidnapping and criminal sexual penetration with a 15 year old girl. She was walking near Buena Vista when she got into a van driven by Pichilla where he “got her drunk” and indulged their sexual fantasies. I guess he must have had an IV with alcohol in his van. This sounds a little like the standard was it rape or consensual question.

    Of course, a 37 year old man exploiting a minor should be punished, but many 15 year old girls have already had multiple partners and know what they are doing.

  11. Rick Wolfert sarcastically but revealingly accuses Roswell city council members of being corrupt. Wolfert laments the fact that derelict homes and structures dot the city streets exacerbating drug abuse, gang activity, and crime. Did I mention the property value reduction due to Council members refusal to address this substantive issue? Rick was civic minded even as a 1969 graduate of University High School. Glad to see him attempting to be a check on business as usual in good ole Roswell in his letter to editor.

    1. Word to you about Roswell city counselors who campaign so hard for your vote and then do NOT show up to city council meetings. Mayor Kintigh informs us in the Jeff Tucker conducted interview that voter elected city counselors are NOT required to attend meetings to represent the interest of the people who put them in office. Is it any wonder that voter turnout for city elections is so anemic?

      1. Speakering of elections, did anybody read the long winded letter to the editor of RDR submitted by Elvis Fleming? He was yet another irrational advocate of the electoral college.

        Fleming rightly pointed out the fairness in each state, independent of its population, having two senators.

        However,he never clearly pointed out why a winner of the popular vote should lose out to a candidate that received more electoral votes. He also never touched on the fact that electors are not obligated to vote for their party’s candidate

    2. Master sergeant rick wolfert declares roswell police department is rapidly becoming a joke in his letter to editor. Wolfert used to be a soldier and appears to be jealous that the cities police force is equipped with MRAP units which Wolfert proudly informs is an acronym for mine resistance ambush preventive. Wolfert obviously is clueless to the serious cross country drug traffic that passes down and up us285!

      Advice for you Rick: stay indoors at night and do crossword puzzles or play scrabble with your wife.

  12. I am sure mary Morgan and the citizens of Roswell will sleep better at night now that Todd Wildermuth, public information officer of police department, assures us that police department records indicate the investigation regarding a battery death of Morgan’s neighbor was properly conducted and the case is closed.

    Wildermuth’s willingness to “clarify the facts” is comforting and the community is fortunate to have him delivering the RPD version of the truth.

    1. It struck me as odd that Wildermuth, being the public information officer, did not know the name of 78 year old gentleman who turned in front of 31 year old motorcyclist Tony “Monkey” Murillo before his life ending accident in front of Walgreens on North Main.

      It was released that Murillo, not wearing a helmet, was speeding which would likely relieve the elderly Roswell man of any liability. Perhaps the old man is a patron of the Roswell Daily Record?

      Sounds like the hardworking oilfield worker was blowing off some steam by driving more than double the speed limit on Main Street.

      1. Our hearts go out to the grieving mother of Dardevil motorcycle driver Anthony Murillo. Rosalio Murillo appears to be blaming car driver Fred Garcia for son’s reckless driving. When a motorcycle is going 70 or 80 mph in 35 mph zone, most of the blame for crash falls on the bike driver. Both drivers had a green light. Not sure how mom knows Garcia did NOT signal left. Does she she always signal and does she NEVER do rolling stops at four way stop signs?

        Sounds to me like she is shooting for a contributory negligence law suit which she should not get when her son was driving fast enough to knock hub caps off much larger vehicle.

        1. Thanks to Peter Quackenbush for his efforts in tragic charter bus crash where moron driver cut in front bus full of school kids.Idiot driver of reckless vehicle will be charged with manslaughter

    2. Record intern Mary Morgan steps to the defense of Jeff Tucker who had to withstand the the harsh criticism of insurance salesman Bobby Villegas. At the heart of the obituary writers defense was the usage of the term minority. Too bad that a word which only means fewer in number is used so pejoratively these days.

      Thank you for doing the obits Mary. It’s a job that needs to be done well and most newspaper types consider it grunt work.

      1. The 1937 Film Nothing Sacred had a scene showing the inconveniences and low status of being a reporter assigned to obituary writing. The writer was stuck next to a water cooler in the basement. Carole Lombard fakes being sick to the obit writer to get out of the miseries of her existence in Warsaw Vermont and seek fame in fortune in NYC.

  13. Nice to see burglars Aaron Burrell, Marvin Meyers, and Yvonne Thyberg arrested in Roswell,NM. The idiots were busted after accidentally incriminating themselves with inadvertent 911 call. Thyberg, the real winner in this group of lowlifes, was already in jail for another crime. The residents in the 100 block of Monksdale drive can rest a little easier.

  14. Saw that paul vanorden was arrested for assault on household member in Roswell,NM. He was friendly person when I worked with him. Sometimes the pressures of everyday life makes you crack and you hurt people you love. Shane Carabajal was arrested for the same thing on Del Norte Drive.

  15. You want to talk DANGEROUS? Mark Lucero of Roswell,NM was finally thrown in jail after receiving his 7th DUI. Lucero punched an EMS employee for trying to draw blood knowing it would give him another DWI. Thank you District Attorney Janetta Hicks! Why hasn’t our legal system fixed the deadly problem of letting people with multiple DUI convictions continue to drive and wreak havoc on our nations highways and in our communities where our children walk to school and play?!?!!!!

  16. Any alcoholic battling for their sobriety had to admire the letter to the editor of the Roswell newspaper written by James D. Sims(Sims closed his letter with the simple but moving Ah, the pleasures of being sober). He wrote about the dangerous alcoholic landlord at 66 One Horse Road. The woman landlord, according to Sims, drinks straight vodka for breakfast. She also is not very mobile and uses her Lifeline to communicate with her tenants. Not understanding all the details, it appears the frequently inebriated apartment manager/landlady attempts to collect more from her tenants than they actually owe her.

    She was publicized as a victim in the news, when in fact she appears to be playing the very typical victim card that so many incorrigible substance abuses do. I do sympathize with a woman who is confined to a walker on her good days and completely immobilized on her bad days.

  17. Joseph Zarazua of Roswell or Artesia was arrested and charged with robbery after the guitar man named Billy McCabe was knocked unconscious after being assaulted behind Stripes convenience store at 611 south main. A female suspect who appeared to rendering aid to the injured street musician may have assisted Zarazua in the robbery. Former musician Tim Howsare empathetically wrote article in local newspaper.

  18. Derald Helms of Roswell was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct at St Mary’s place. There is much more to the story. What wasn’t reported in the RDR was the fact that Derald was provoked and just defending himself. The other party got off despite starting the whole thing!

  19. Roswell city manager Steve Polasek officiously declared that “this makes the most sense for 99.8% of our population”. He does not cite where that statistic came from which leads one to believe he pulled it out of his ass.

    Polasek is at war with 6 foot front yard fences perceiving them as dangerous to kids and cars. News Flash Steve! Go after the many dope head drunk drivers to solve that problem.

    Understand that if you keep coming up with hare
    brained ideas like this, Keith Bell will sniff it out and nail you with one of his biting cartoons.

    1. Steve Polasek states in Jeff Jackson article in RDR “I don’t conduct my business in a vacuum” apparently concerned that Keller,TX PR director candaidate DeAnna Beseda comes from his neck of the woods.

      I guess that makes up for the vacuum between his ears.

      Joan Arnold is applying for position and is the dean of liberal arts at ENMU. Some academicians are out of touch with the happenings in private sector, but she is from Roswell.

      Juanita Jennings from Bakerfield California with her extensive digital media experience appears to be the best of the bunch!

      1. Listen man! I knew Steve in Keller. He is very principled and only wants the most qualified PR director he can find. I can see how you would be concerned that he may have personally contacted a candidate from his hometown. I would be pissed if I lived in Roswell and they chose outsider over me…. You should lighten up dude unless you really know something fishy is going on!

      2. Roswell,NM loses another precious job to an outsider. Joan Arnold should be livid over being ousted by ANOTHER former Keller,TX resident for the Public relations director position. Not saying the young girl who was given the job by city manager is not qualified, but how did somebody from Keller even become aware of job?!

        Answer: It is highly likely Polasek called/emailed/texted/ her which one would expect to be illegal.

  20. It is nice to see one of the many maniac motorcycle speed demons get snuffed out driving through Roswell,NM on Main Street. A north bound motorcyclist on Main Street near 19th street hit a vehicle driven by a law abiding 78 year old man who was making a left turn on to east 19th street. Biker died at gory scene that made one onlooker vomit and pass out.

    The old man can not be faulted for not seeing a motorcycle that was going at least 60 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone. Way too many reckless motorcycles pass through that intersection daily. You drive irresponsibly long enough and you may pay the price with your life!

    Roswell resident Thomas Vick who witnessed the high speed collision indicated it was not for the faint of heart as traffic was held for hours as investigators processed the scene. The 31 year old cyclist died instantly knocking the hub caps off the vehicle he struck

  21. Roswell needs to increase the salary of their parks superintendent. Kenneth Smith was arrested for selling grass, probabably in one of the parks he oversees, and charged with four counts of distribution and one of conspiracy.

    1. There was a spate of employee robberies in Roswell recently. Marcus Boyd, Joshua Fitisemanu, and Felicia Mejia staged a false robbery at Russel Cellular Verizon, operated by a homeowner in the upscale Sorrento Estates subdivision, about the same time we were having a subway sandwich next door. The fake call in reporting the holdup was played back on television and sounded authentic, but the punks got busted anyway.

      More predictably, an Allsups employee named Roberto Herrada Espinoza, walked out of the store on 1600 southeast Main Street with around $600o making him the most wanted criminal. Not sure if this is the store managed by Marvin Green.

      What do you want to bet these four thiefs were truant in High School and disruptive in the class room?

      1. Mandy Owens made impassioned plea in letter to editor for the kid on the bike near Roswell high track to return the treasured memorabilia of her graduating RHS 1984 class. The items ripped off by the bicycle bandit have extreme sentimental.

        Mandy, the punk thief that stole your treasured memories has done it many times before and is close to illiterate, not exactly somebody who reads letters to editors while enjoying his morning coffee

        We know of his parents who are also scum who would not cooperate. Some of the residents of neighborhood around West and East Lewis have had petty theft of property by a kid on a bike which they did not report to police.

        I know who he is, but live around there and have my own problems without being Party to a family feud. I think the little punk enjoys stealing and appealing to his sense of morality or conscious will not be effective. Good luck and sorry for your loss.

        1. Ed Arida,Christian academy science teacher, advocates buying a standard transmission vehicle to avoid having your vehicle ripped off. Most thieves can’t drive a standard!

  22. Steve Stone(kindred spirit of Edward Torres)
    of Roswell nm wrote yet another letter to editor about the danger zone also known as the Roswell post office. I was the jogger that was almost hit by driver who did a rolling stop at a stop sign and a u turn simultaneously! Let’s start arresting people with cameras. It has to stop!

  23. Roswell Sonic employee Isaac Briseno was mad at police officer Chris Moreno for a previous arrest according to Cop Moreno. That is why it was quite credible when Moreno reported that Briseno had spit in his drink as payback.
    However, according to Jared Tucker piece, Moreno spit in his own drink to frame the trouble making sonic employee.

    The most disturbing part of this is not that a false report was filed between a couple of young immature Hispanic males, but one has to wonder about how widespread false police reports are when a bad cop is trying to cover his/her ass!

  24. Burglar Reynaldo Baltazar was run down on foot by very fit RPD officers after stealing a car in north Roswell near 600 block of la Fonda. He was finally arrested on 400 block of vista parkway in possession of burglary tools. Thanks to Eddie and dawn Chaves and their barking dogs for calling cops!

    I know home girl Yolanda Sanchez Coronado is damn happy to get that bad boy locked up!

  25. RPD public info officer Todd Wildermuth must be one stable human being as he daily has to deal with abject depressing events. Dominik Finch, age 19, was gunned down in the 1000 block of Cahoon Drive just outside a residence. He agonized for one hour before perishing in Roswell Hospital. As usual there are no suspects in a town notorious for cold cases and unsolved murders.

    I know that if somebody gets shot in our neighborhood, it will be caught by one or more home video CVR surveillance systems. You punk burglars and vandals listen to this. CVR means continuous video recording which is sent to cloud meaning you can not destroy it if you bust into the residence. CVR has taken many lowlife burglars and vandals off the street because it serves as excellent evidence in courts of law!

    1. Dominik Stefan Finch Rubio’s obituary was obviously written by loving parents. Murder suspect Jennifer Purcella Bevers told a very suspicious self defense story irresponsibly published in RDR by drama queen Tucker. The fact that she is the girlfriend of a guy who is a child abuser and a meth dealer and is now in custody for probation violation certainly speaks against her credibility.

      Bevers reported that finch had her stolen family heirloom Smith and Wesson and wanted to meet her somewhere to sell it back to her with no police involvement. Bevers agreed to indicating she is quite stupid or lying. She gave no account of how Dominik actually was shot.
      What is more likely is that Bevers and her punk boyfriend Steve Johnson did not want to pay for a stolen gun that was already theirs, so they shot Finch to get it back.

      1. Lisa Dunlap writing for RDR reports that Bevers gets reduced sentence of 7 years in the slammer(jail cells get slammed in prison) for killing Finch. Her self defense statement was way too rehearsed and intelligent sounding to be credible. Orsak got lucky only being locked up for seven years. Get ready for some lesbian loving girlfriend.

  26. Antonio Galvan is not a boomerang thug like the type of revolving door criminal that Tom Joles rails about on the news. However, the Roswell driver was charged with his third DWI according to Jared Tucker. Galvan was released on his own recognizance to attend to his injuries. Remember this when he runs over and kills a kid walking to school .

  27. Intolerance for drunk people is at all time high. Thank you RDR for publishing names and pictures of these people arrested for aggravated DWI: Megan L. Owen, Manuel Ortiz Sr, Garret L. Roth, Miguel Carraso-Pesqueira,Cesar C. Salinas, Angelica Marie Carrillo,Timothy Page(revoked license refused BrAC/BAC speeding)

    Delbert Diehl 4th DWI,no registration,plate,insurance. Andres Vargas, Hector Munoz,Santino Elpidio refused to be field checked by RPD officer for blood alcohol level. Hector is saying it’s ok for him to drive around drunk threatening lives. Throw the punk in jail! Rubio Payan charged with second DWI.

    We know that life can really suck, but PLEASE do not drink and drive! Alcohol can shred everything in your life that you value! Ask Ethan Couch and his Affluenza Lawyer G. Dick Miller

    1. Danielle Sutherland Odrich of Phoenix Arizona was arrested for driving intoxicated in Roswell NM. She was drunk as a skunk and driving carelessly when was apprehended by RPD.

      This city girl refused BrAC and BAC field test. This means Danielle is forcing our small town to waste money to prove she was drunk. In other words, Odrich thinks her right to drive drunk outweighs the likelihood that she will run over somebody or be involved in violent traffic accident. She is 34 year old woman who has been getting away with her selfish habit for too long! Lock her ass up until this repeat offender figures it out!

    2. Gilberto Carrillo of Glendale AZ was arrested in Roswell NM on last day of year 2015 for DWI, evading police, stop sign violation, failure to maintain lane and no driver license. He refused to do street sobriety BrAC and BAC.

      Sounds like a drug dealing punk to me. Happy new year Gilberto!!

      Local Roswell NM punk Samuel Salas was arrested for DWI refusing field sobriety test. He was also charged with littering.

      Lorenzo U. Martinez had BAC of .37 almost five times more than legal blood alcohol concentration. He was also booked for failing to render aid in traffic accident he may have caused.

      Lopez Sanchez of Austin TX and Amanda Nalley both arrested for DWI and refused Breath and blood alcohol concentration tests. Juan Maciel BrAC of 0.17

      Noel Villegas of Roswell was arrested for his first DWI BAC of .10 which barely over legal limit of .08

      Manuel Lopez-Guiza arrested open alcohol container in vehicle failure to signal and refused breathalyzer. Gabrielle Paiz aggravated DWI running red light. Jesus Sotelo BAC .19 minor in possession of alcohol.

      Victoria Pacheco arrested for failure to maintain lane(swerving) Hazel Ortega DWI did not notify police of accident no proof of insurance Gilberto A. Borunda arrested for aggravated DWI, refused BrAC/BAC administered by Roswell Police Department. Remember guys like this are the same fools who tail-gate you and roll right on through four-way stop sign intersections

      Jereme Kyle Whitley fourth DWI offense, revoked driver license refused BAC test

      Whisperangels Sostena Briseno speeding minor in possession of alcohol not exactly angelic thing to do

      Isidro Manuel Nieves was arrested for leaving the scene of accident in Roswell NM BAC .08

      Darylyn E Ard Jr DWI revoked drivers license reckless driving refused BrAC sobriety test

      Walter George Sulak III arrested DWI expired vehicle registration and driving without DL

      Did any of you read the insighful and legally informative piece titled WHY YOU SHOULD ALWAYS REFUSE THE BREATHALYZER AND THE STANDARDIZED FIELD SOBRIETY TESTS written by world class attorney Larry Forman who is a Louisville criminal defense attorney at LARRY FORMAN LAW, PLLC. Larry handles DUI/DWI charges along with other criminal charges. If we had not called (502) 931-6788 when our son needed legal representation for a careless drunk driving arrest in Austin, Texas, our beloved boy would be rotting away in a jail cell somewhere! Dapper lawyers like him sway juries and judges with brilliant legal reasoning. He comes highly recommended when your loved ones well being is on the line!

      Kathryn Sauskis DWI second offense Chaves county sheriff, john Roark aggravated refused breathalyzer, Adrian Franco CCSO, a person is legally drunk if breathalyzer is 0.08 or more. Franco’s breathalyzer or BAC was 0.19!!!

      Claudio Andrade 64 years old arrested for third aggravated DWI, Molina-Massu reckless driving

      Adam Joseph Jaramillo arrested fourth DWI offense refused To blow swerving dangerously in heavy traffic

      Brad A. Cartwright arrested for DWI looks like the same guy who tailgates us down College an Union in Roswell almost every day. Hope they revoke his drivers license

      20 year old Clara Prins of Hondo was charged with firing gunshots upon police officers in the 500 block of east Hendricks Street.

      Billy Earl Dunaway III had a smirk on his face in RDR mugshot reporting his arrest for driving while intoxicated. Blood was drawn and Blood alcohol content not reported. Looks like Billy boy from Dexter is the third in a family line of alcoholics.

      Career DWI offender Ahmin Smith was arrested was arrested for third time. He resisted, evaded and obstructed RPD. He refused breathalyzer.

      Rochelle Graveline address 1515 west Hendricks street was indicted for battery upon peace officer felony offense and disorderly conduct.

      Alexis Diona Ray Joel Apachee looked like he was crying in his mug shot after being arrested for aggravated DWI and careless driving. Acea Austen Waggoner also arrested by RPD.

      Michael Dinapoli age 66 arrested first DWI offense by Chaves county sheriff

      Both Jance v Snodgrass and Manuel Alire were arrested for driving drunk refusing BAC. These experienced alcoholics are a threat to anybody who is near them when they are driving.

      Daniel Betom, blue gap Arizona fourth offense aggravated Dwi

      1. Why was the DWI arrest of Amee Pardo dropped nolle prosequi(no prosecute) lowlife attorney da Anderson hadfield States it was in “the best interests of justice” It may take Pardo running over somebody assistant district attorney loves to make him see how injust his pardon was. Too many drunks driving around with no consequences.

        Roswell NM lowlifes Richard Alizzi, Luis Manuel Gamboa, Saul Orlando Raya Campos were arrested for aggravated DWI. They refused BAC test. Alizzi was smiling like a punk in his newspaper mug shot

        Kaled Smith Refused to let arresting officers Chex his blood alcohol level. Was smiling in his mug shot.

        Crystal L. Avila driving with suspended license no proof insurance

        Esteban Roque-Cisneros Refused BAC test

        Chase Livingston was arrested for second aggravated Dwi becoming confrontational with RPD refusing BAC test. Same for elverto j fresquez

        Eavoni Smith smiling in her mug shot failure to maintain lane
        Cayetano Anchondo-Mendoza

        Miguel Alvarado child abuse, speeding, no seat belt

        Christopher Cordero and Ricardo Josue Valverde arrested for aggravated DWI, refused field sobriety test, no proof of insurance, expired registration, failure to render aid to injured motorist or pedestrian, failure to maintain lane. These punks spend their money on booze and then try to get off for not having legally required liability insurance.

        Reyes Cruz Herrera refused BrAC/BAC

        Alejandro Ocon resisting arrest evading obstructing officer

        Be on the alert for Daniel J Watts of Artesia. He may run over and kill somebody you love. He was arrested for his fourth DWI offense in Chaves County.

        Luis S. Quintana Hernandez refused to take blood alcohol test when pulled over for aggravated DWI stop sign violation

        Victoria A. Pruitt looked upset in DWI mugshot arrest picture in RDR. Her BAC was .19

        Reyes Cruz Herrera,Patricio m. Lucero hagerman, Alejandro Ocon resisting arrest

        Rodney Aaron Page did no cooperate with RPD
        Beatrice parraz Ruidoso

        Phillip Acosta, carol dishman, Manuel Tarango refused blood alcohol test when being pulled over for being drunk while driving

        Ricardo marinelarena of pagosa springs Colorado and Tim Terry 59 of Roswell was arrested for third time by Chaves County Sherrif

  28. Juli Adcock wrote moving letter to editor of Roswell paper about the Rise Up Roswell anti violence assembly at Chaves County Courthouse. She complained about the citizens and the police department being conspicuously absent from this largely symbolic event which will likely not reduce crime in our region appreciably. In fact, all the thieves, crooks, thugs and gang members appreciated the notice that you would be away from your homes for a couple of hours.

  29. John Grogan wrote letter to editor of Roswell newspaper asserting raising minimum wage 2 dollars per hour would improve crime problem. People with minimum qualifications deserve low wages. That is what they get for being disruptive in their high school class rooms. As intelligent as Grogan may sound, his idea to reward below average people with a raise is stupid. People who worked hard in school deserve the big bucks. To hell with the bullies and punks who caused trouble and never learned to read or do basic math!

  30. Miguel Carrasco was charged with chasing two women around Roswell NM threatening to slice and dice them with a chainsaw. Judge E.J. Fouratt heard the charges. Carrasco battles the bottle which increases his fascination with power tools.

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