Mother disappointed in the behavior of an NFL Quarterback


I admire the civil letter to the editor penned by Rosemary Plorin of Nashville, Tennesse USA expressing her disdain for Cam Newton’s immaturity and behavior while the Panthers were defeating her Titans.

She took her nine year old daughter to the NFL game and had to sit through  pelvic thrusts, arrogant struts and the taunting of both the Titans’ players and fans. Her letter to the charlotte newspaper failed to acknowledge that the NFL delivers entertainment in the form of violence, sex, and confrontation. Cheerleaders preen and build their libido to extreme levels requiring release after the game sometimes with each other.

If Rosemary is seeking role models, she should probably send her daughter to chruch camp or sign her up for the girl scouts.  The NFL is more about beer drinking, screaming fans, tailgate parties, and fights in the parking lot. We appreciate Miss Plorin’s desire to raise her daughter properly, but she picked the wrong venue for lessons in maturation and civility. A strong sexual impulse is why her daughter was alive to enjoy the game with her. Rosemary can seek inspiration for her daughter somewhere else. Why did you really take her to the game Miss Plorin? It’s not like you didn’t know the game was full of vulgar gestures and obscenities along with scantily clad cheerleaders looking to get laid.


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