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Nancy Luque certainly has a right to be indignant and outraged over USA foreign policy that provides weapons to Syrian rebels. Her letter to the editor of the Sacramento Bee exudes contempt and disbelief over the specious reasoning practiced by the folks in charge. In my view, Nancy does not realize that “US logic” sometimes has nothing to do with the  sound reasoning and analysis that would be in the best interest of our security both here and overseas. Financial considerations often carry more weight than supporting our apparent allies. 

Re “Split over arming Syrian rebels revealed” (Page A6, Feb. 8): It is beyond amazing that our leaders not only do not learn from their mistakes (e.g. arming Osama bin Laden to fight the Russians in Afghanistan), but that they don’t even see how inconsistent their positions are on matters of grave concern.

At the very moment they are finally realizing that we must do something to strengthen background checks for those who would purchase weapons in the U.S., our leaders are seriously considering arming rebels in Syria– individuals we know next to nothing about. At least it appears that logic resides in the White House where resistance so far has prevailed.

— Nancy Luque, Carmichael



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