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The letter to editor of New Haven Register that Liz Marsden penned was far more composed and calm than this writer could have produced. Liz is justifiably indignant over the fact that the many have to pay for the irresponsible actions of a few!

The Connecticut law makers are pushing through legislation that will order insurance companies to issue policies to people who decide they want a dangerous dog as a pet. What is even more outrageous is that the insurance companies will not be allowed to charge higher premiums to the owners of these risky canines! 

What this means is that all of the dog owning insurance company customers will have their premiums elevated even if they own friendly Lab or Springer Spaniel. This is pure crap(perhaps dog crap) and I do NOT know how state government could possible construe this as fair!!


I’m writing to all homeowners insurance consumers in Connecticut. HB 5361, a bill headed for a vote in the House, will force insurance companies to cover people who choose to own dangerous breeds of dog, and prohibit companies from charging higher premiums for owners of dangerous dog breeds. Insurance company representatives have testified that rates will go up for ALL policyholders, regardless of whether they own a poodle, a pit bull, or no dog at all, if this bill becomes law.

Rates will skyrocket for property management companies, individual homeowners and individuals with renters insurance. Even worse, disfiguring and fatal maulings( in all fairness people getting killed by dogs is extremely rare) will increase as those who choose to own dangerous dog breeds will be free to do so and fully insured.

On average, more than 30 Americans per year have suffered fatal dog attacks over the past ten years. In 62 percent of cases, pit bulls were responsible. More than one-third of all homeowners liability claims involve dog bites, and a single claim can cost $500,000 or more. If HB 5361 becomes law, dog-related claims will enter the stratosphere.

This is a classic case of special interests running over the silent majority.(Very accurate and glibly stated Liz Marsden) Those of us who don’t choose to own dangerous dog breeds — in other words, the majority — should not be forced to subsidize those who do.

Please write or call all members of the House of Representatives and tell them you oppose HB 5361. Do it before it’s too late! Here is a link to the Connecticut General Assembly: And here is a page with all the information you need about HB 5361:
— Liz Marsden



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  1. Mamm, I remember you from NMMI in Roswell as the mother that I never had as I was growing up. My beloved mother was so busy working to make ends meet that I did not have the benefit of her love even though it was not her fualt.

    I appreciate the hugs of apprecition and encouragmant in your English class. It felt good amotionally and in my body. I really miss those much. Thanks for what you do for stray dogs mamm. Take care Miss Marsden!

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