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One does not have to be in possession of excessive imagination to conjecture that Nicholas Macaluso is not an entrepreneur/business owner after reading his letter to the editor of the Roswell Daily Record.

Nick claims that NM legislators do not represent the interests of the citizens who elect them which is an assertion difficult to challenge. However, some of the people that elect these politicians do work for large businesses and their interests are thus represented. He laments the fact that Utility rate increases for the general populace are inequitable viz a viz utility rate increases for large corporations or businesses. Macaluso would certainly rationalize in favor of utility rate cuts for large enterprises if he owned or worked for one. He also appears to overlook the truth that utility rate decreases for large businesses could lead to reduced prices for the goods and services they provide.

Macaluso is likely a tenured academecian who spends a lot of time bemoaning the stupidity of the younger generation resenting the fact that these same kids may go on to earn more money than him working for a large business somewhere. His contempt is quite manifest as he closes his letter with the curt and cutting thanks for nothing, legislators.

Reduction in Big business utility rates
Reduction in Big business utility rates



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  1. You are right, he is an English teacher at ENMU who is liberal. A fair and understanding man who understands the demands on the time of his working students. I agree emphatically with the ratemyprofessor assessment of this venerable educator “Good guy, easy class. There are several papers and reading responses, but they are all less than 2 pages and over mostly interesting topics. He is very flexible and willing to work with you, almost to a fault.”
    I cited my source sir! Not exactly in an in text citation APA way.

    1. This may be same professor who gives tests that will expose students who only use study guides rather than reading entire book. Some teachers are psycho that way.

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