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         RantHow can one not empathize and commiserate with the letter written by Nona J. Brown to editor of the Great Falls Tribune in Montana? Citizens and plenty of non-citizens have lost all sense of decorum and civility with respect to fire works usage! Brown actually sedates her dogs to keep them from being nervous wrecks during July 4 holidays! It is a crying shame that one is incarcerated in one’s own domicile due to the out  of control incivility and inconsiderate actions of adults.  Let’s not forget that the lowlifes who shoot off the most pyrotechnics are typically low income people living off of EBT cards. The same morons that piss away their families meager income on lottery tickets.

I, for one(you are among a very enraged silent majority Miss Brown), am tired of being a prisoner in my home from June 26 through July 5. I can’t sit on the patio evenings. Our dogs can’t be out in our backyard to run; they have to be sedated every year.

Most fireworks used in the city are illegal. People don’t follow the laws. They fire them off in the street without concern for cars parked there. The loud explosions rattle our windows. We can’t open them for fresh air because the air is full of smoke and sulfur. They leave all the trash in the streets and our yards(this happened to us too as we sat in our front yards with fireworks debris landing within inches of us).

This was the worst Fourth of July ever. Fireworks users don’t care if we get up for work at 5 a.m.; they were still firing them at 3:15 a.m. And don’t tell me to leave town if I don’t like it because we can’t leave our property for fear of damage to it.

We’re the only major city left in Montana that hasn’t banned fireworks(Banning fireworks should be addressed at your city council). I think it’s time to have a quiet Fourth with family in the safety of our yards and homes. The police and fire department need a break from all the dangers the fireworks cause. We should be helping the veterans heal, not damaging them more.

All those who feel fireworks should be banned in Great Falls should write letters to the editor of the Tribune and call the mayor and the commissioners. Speak up now for a quiet and peaceful Fourth next year.

— Nona J. Brown,



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