Why are nonresidents being allowed to vote in Bond Election

Non residents should not be allowed to vote in Bond election
Non residents should not be allowed to vote in Bond election

One has to certainly empathize with the indignation Roswell resident Delma Davis as she urges homeowners to get out and vote against bond issue which would help pay for operational expenses, laboratory equipment, college programs, etc at ENMU-R.

Delma’s very persuasive letter to editor states that students at ENMU are being urged to vote in favor of bond even though many are not residents or the progeny of homeowners who pay property tax. ┬áProperty tax will certainly increase if bond passes which means homeowners are effectively helping pay for the improved educational experience of nonresidents who SHOULD NOT be allowed to vote in favor of bond issuance that will elevate tax paid by residents of Chaves County in New Mexico! President John Madden who is probably encouraging all students to vote in favor, should certainly recognize the inequity pointed out by Miss Davis.

Moreover, Chaves County Tax Assessor will increase tax percentage applied to any appreciation in the value of your home or business property. BTW, many other homeowners in the Encanto Drive region of the Alien City vehemently oppose property tax increases that benefit transient students. Thank You for speaking up Delma! I am sure you would appreciate the help of Cartoonist Keith Bell who opined against another Bond proposal a while back.



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  1. Jeannine Wilkins of Roswell is a lifelong learner who urges voters to support the mill levy for eastern New Mexico university. She points out seniors get super reduced tuition. Non resident students at enmu should still not be allowed to vote.

    1. John Madden has been meeting with residents around Roswell claiming voting in favor of 3 mill levy is a no brainer. There is a large contingency of elderly opposition afraid of property tax increases, but the ENMU president declares improved health care with nurses trained at ENMU will lower health care costs which would certainly benefit the elderly segment of our population. Reduced health care costs would easily more than offset the $64 dollar annual property tax increase on a $100,000 home.
      Madden is also fond of the acronym CAVE which stands for Citizens Against Virtually Everything stunting growth and economic development.
      BTW, Delma Davis does not appear to know the difference between a bond election and a mill levy. If you are gonna rant against something in the newspaper Delma, at least do your homework!

      1. Jan Girand of Roswell is clueless when she states anybody voting for mill levy is selfish. Judy Perry is well intentioned but naive when she said she got the facts from a representative of ENMU who happened to be John Madden. Jane Batson (interim Vice President for external affairs at ENMU) points out the mill levy will cost the citizenry $2.68 per month for every $100,000 on property valuation. Morgan Nelson notes that raising tuition is not a viable option as it is already maxed out.

    2. One of the programs that should be monitored for bias and discrimination at ENMU Roswell is its nursing program. Some highly qualified Asians have been discriminated against both at the acceptance level and been treated unfairly once they are enrolled. At least two complaints have been filed with New Mexico Board of Nursing.

  2. Read my lips Stan Ingram of Roswell. Quit being such a tight ass about favoring the mill levy. I am guessing you would not mind decreased health care costs. VOTE for the mill levy, not a tax increase Stan! How the money will be spent to help our community is laid out clearly if you take the time to read up on it. Vote for the mill tax!!

  3. Charlee Longmire of Roswell,nm distorts reality in her letter to the editor when she equates the quality of MOOC (massive open online classes ) with brick and mortar classes. She further uses her specious reasoning to encourage citizens to vote against mill levy today. BTW Charlee, it is a mill levy NOT a bond election. Dr Madden speaks the truth. Vote Yes!!

  4. Jared Tucker of PVON reports that mill levy election results were 2 to 1 opposing 3 mill levy. Jill McLaughlin of the RDR was obviously against it for reporting off the record comments made by the venerable enmu president Madden. Madden referred to a stupid group of Roswell voters as virulent scum which they are.

    1. To the contrary, we should thank Hudson Boue, Stephen Krajeck, Don Donigan, and Kate Davis for brilliantly refuting the hype and rhetoric of the ENMU president. The mill levy had no chance of passing, but Madden’s careless vitriol recorded and reported by Jill McLaughlin turned it into a landslide.
      In the meantime, let us concern ourselves with something much more worthwhile like soothing and comforting the victims of Berrendo middle school.

      1. Arthur F Meinecke and Jim Parkhill voiced their vehement opposition to John Madden’s crass comments about the intelligence and community awareness of the average Roswell citizen on FaceBook. Meinecke, in fact, is not intelligent much like his neighbors on Hickory Street. He spends much of his time on FB mindlessly gossiping like a middle school girl.

    2. In an ironical twist, Jared Tucker hung himself on a US285 overpass bridge north of Roswell,NM. A talented writer/reporter, who had drifted into a pizza delivery position for Papa John’s, had phased in and out of bouts with debilitating depression partially induced by a serious car accident. He attended Grace Community Church, but his strong Christian faith was not enough to prevent his self-strangulation.

      The irony of his act was his writing of the suicide of a Roswell High School freshman named Tessa Anderson which split apart the lives of Jennifer Smith and Diamond Fulton.
      RIP Jared. I hope you have found stability and happiness.

      1. So much thanks to Tiffany Collins-Cacy who donated $300 to help cover the funeral costs of the late PVON founder who self-deceased. His sister Jennifer who lives in Hurst,TX is doing her best to give her brother a fitting burial.
        Tiffany Collins-Cacy is going through her own ordeals in Surprise Arizona after her son was charged with disorderly conduct for throwing an object towards a group who were rap battling. She claims it was a soft object as the M and M wannabes were jammin

      2. Jared’s brother Jeff criticized Saudi Arabia for over producing oil costing NM oilfield workers their jobs. The deleterious impact on the economy is partially a result of USA policy in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia is practicing supply and demand in their favor. It all depends on where you live in this big ole world mr Tucker.

  5. I did not know Steven Gamble of ENMU Portales might determine whether John Madden keeps his job. Madden took a lot of heat for his criticism of the ultra conservative old folks who were against the three mill levy. Article in RDR indicated Gamble is the boss of the bosses even though McLaughlin never directly said so.

    1. My sister had horrible experience with the ENMU graduate school in Portales, NM. She had to pay to get her transcripts and fill out a very tedious and time consuming admissions form that they expected to be completed perfectly or be rejected. She was trying to get her Masters in Education via their professionally advertised grad school website. Dr. Rebecca Davis assured her that her application for admissions would be processed expediently back in early October of of 2015. After countless unanswered phone calls and emails, we gave up on the thoughtless and disorganized group that calls themselves a graduate school. APS would have paid her entire tuition if Portales had gotten off their lackadaisical ass! They don’t seem to care that they are playing with people’s lives and careers! It worked out for our family cuz Sis is now enrolled in the distance learning program in Socorro. Dr. Rebecca Davis should inform her staff that the worst thing that you can do half-ass is education. Try another career mam and please has a little more gumption that you do in this one!

  6. Mark Willard will be reelected as Chaves County Assessor due partially to his tight bond with Ron Lethgo. Daniel Pruitt does not have a prayer in the June election, but is a good man

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