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North County Times: Jim Schlichting


Jim Schlichting of Escondido writes a letter to the editor of the North County Times imploring motorists to quit texting while driving. The fact that Mr. Schlichting had to take the time to write such an admonition is an indicator of the extremely high stupidity level in America. One solution would be to let all the idiots who text when they drive die so they would not procreate. Only problem is that these irresponsible, uncaring texters tend to kill other people too! So, as Schlichting recommends, the burden falls on police officers to prioritize issuing citations for those thoughtless fools who choose to text while driving 2 ton battering rams. 

Texting while driving kills
The front page of the North County Times on Dec. 9 read, “More drivers texting at wheel despite state bans.” Why? There is only one reason, and that is that not enough citations are being issued. Are we still showing in our schools the films of the accidents that have occurred from texting? While Oprah Winfrey was on, she pressed her guests and others to stop now. How many teenagers are going to have to die for the police to see to it that the ban must be in effect?

I have been hit from behind twice at a red traffic signal by someone holding a cell phone in their hands when they left their vehicle. “Sorry” doesn’t do it. The next time, I will issue my own type of citation.

Also, the young women driving oversized vehicles, SUVs and pick-up trucks, zooming through the Vons parking lot with cellphones in their hands. They roll through full stops, make right turns on red without ever stopping and place all law-abiding citizens at risk.Be courteous; obey the traffic laws. Here’s wishing you a big citation as a Christmas present if you don’t. Remember, cellphones, texting and drunken drivers kill.


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