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The picture you see below is a 34 year old woman who declares The affordable care act saved her life. Dana Vicalvi of Hampden Massachusetts would almost certainly have her heart warmed by the fact that Obama Care favorably altered the course of this woman in her child bearing years.

Dana Vicalvi’s letter to the editor of MassLive leaves little doubt that Obama Care is the legal and moral direction of health care in the United States. Despite the significant issues associated with its rollout, it is a necessary program to keep the poor and lazy citizens alive and healthy.

Finally, Miss Vicalvi has extreme contempt for the fact distorting nature of Fox News which is quite understandable.




President Obama saved my life
President Obama saved my life

I just read the Oct. 14 letter to the editor which blamed the Democrats for the government shutdown. The letter seems to be short on facts:

Fact: The Affordable Care Act WAS passed by Congress.

Fact: The act was also upheld by the Supreme Court.

Fact: The act in question is “Romneycare.”

Fact: Holding a gun to the economy’s head is not how we change laws in this country.

Not every law that is passed is perfect(an impossibility) nor is every law supported by everyone. The writer believes it is the Democrats to blame for not admitting “inherent flaws” and their unwillingness to make “obvious corrections.” Perhaps the writer has read the entire bill and understands it completely. Politicians of all stripes pander for votes. (What a surprise!) I suggest the writer get some of his “news” and “facts” from somewhere other than the propaganda arm of the Republican Party. Yes, I’m talking about Fox News (or ‘Faux News’ or ‘Fox Noise’). I can detect someone spreading their blather immediately.



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  1. Her job does not provide health care or benefits. Does that mean hard working tax payers should pay for her health care because she does not have insurance? M Tumer probably chose to not educate herself and get a decent job with health coverage. United States is a pathetic place because younger generation actually believes the government should provide them with health care.

    Had Obama been truthful and told the American people that millions would lose their insurance and millions more would see their premiums skyrocket, there would have been such intense opposition against it, that it would not have passed and Tumer would just be another EBT card leech.

    1. Dr Ben Carson, a former neurosurgeon and a real black man, declared that Obama care is the worst thing to happen in this country since slavery , also stating that the ACA is equivalent to slavery.

      1. Roswell Daily Record writer Martin Kral declares that affordable care act does NOT pay for prosthetic devices for children. Syrian children who have lost their limbs apparently motivated his promulgating this despicable fact regarding Obama care.

        Kral also mentioned a company with a nice play on words called Limbitless Solutions that is raising money to send bionic arms to Syrian children. Yet another use of 3D printers.

        1. Misty Choy is helping Martin Kral deliver robotics content to the citizens of Roswell. She wrote about president Russ Fisher-Ives of RoboRAVE who was trying to sell his technology to students at Goddard High.

          1. Kral called the trump presidential campaign a phenomena proving he should stick to the technology realm. Martin’s usage of the term castrated was classless and probably just a check to see if anybody is reading his column. Martin please write about MOOC free online courses and their values contrasted with traditional tuition based colleges.

            1. Congresswoman Jayapal is trying to remain a professional politician by pushing through free tuition. Should get her a lot of votes among students who have astronomical school tuition debt.

        2. I heard Kral and his wife would be in the unidentified contingent group of Roswell citizens who will welcome president Obama at RIAC airport at 1:20 Friday June 17. Barrack will then go to Carlsbad Caverns. Since Pres will be in the middle of Trump country, a police perimeter will be constructed preventing general public from meeting President and cutting down the possibility of assanation attempts. Doubt Pres will actually tour the caverns themselves.

  2. Geoffrey Cowley just lost credibility with many conservatives and many Americans by writing article that ObamaCare is making medical care better and more efficient. Not nearly enough time has passed since the inception of our black president’s health care kludge to draw any conclusions about its effectiveness.

    1. ABBY Goodnough of New York Times wrote about one of the tragic consequences of ACA. People in Mississippi and the rest of the country are dropping out of their “health care plans” like flies. Health care companies are scrambling just to retain their existing customers with no time to lure in new patients. Hopefully half of them will go bankrupt lowering the unfairly high health care costs!!

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