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Joseph Davis wrote a very civil letter describing Len Melton’s letter to the editor of the Odessa American. Len Melton apparently chose to attack the socioeconomic status of Davis rather than take on Mr. Davis based on the merit of his arguments.

I learned in 7th grade speech class at Nimitz Junior High School that ad hominem remarks were automatic Fs.  Ad hominem means against the person rather than against the person’s position. Also usage of vague phrases like “proper perspective” are frowned upon in persuasive speech/writing.

Joseph Davis 1     Len Melton 0

Also a shout out to each of following middle school principals who have had momentous impact on the lives of many :

Susan Palmer of Washington Middle School, Gerald Branch of Grover Washington Jr. Middle School, Judith Roney-Peterson(Robert Cannon) of Washington Middle School, Dr. Denise Allen, Gerald Mann, Linda Whitfield, Bob Ross, Mary Stefanus, David Gonzales(award winning), Gail Wronski, Mario A. Carlos, Mr. Fenske(Bakersfield,CA), Ms. Nancy Weirick, Dr. Katie Kashmanian, Jamie Nino, Ben Ledbetter(I believe it is Mr. Ledbetter who is a vehement opponent of poorly executed IEPs), Cyril Walther, Jon Halfaker, Michael Harano, Kathy Murry, Elizabeth Sue Shults(National Distinguished Principal), Mr. Farber, Eric Wayne(I think Mr. Wayne recognizes the value of implementing a course that teaches strategic chess), Diane Orr, Brian Betts(openly gay), David Thomson, Leo P. Lavallee, Robert L. Montemurro, Martha Gustafson, Dave Bianchini.


LETTER: Clayton Williams’ prayer was disrespectful

Mr. Len Melton’s attempt to put things into “proper” perspective got one thing right — the original letter writer (that would be I) is poor, so he outed me in that regard. However, I did work hard for most of my life, and I must say I’m proud that my financial state hasn’t clouded my sense of decency and respect for other people. You know, Mr. Melton, what disturbs me more than Mr. Williams’ public disrespect for someone he opposes politically is the awesome silence from the clergy and other Christians in this area who must have cringed when this particular “amen” was attached to something they hold so dear. Let me ask the Christian community out there, is this the kind of prayer you clamor for in our public schools? At public functions? Are the values inherent in this particular sentiment acceptable in a Christian “proper perspective?”
   But as to your suggestion, Mr. Melton, that the president has somehow denigrated the Oath of Office, I’m pretty familiar with Article II of our Constitution and nothing in your response specifically addresses how the president has violated the Oath of Office. To the contrary, under his leadership, the Constitution continues to be defended most vigorously. You and I may not always agree with our elected presidents, but the democracy we tout to the rest of the world as the model for all good governments provides us with appropriate means to express those concerns and disagreements. I try to exercise those rights at the voting booth, in public discussions, and in other ways that reflect the values this country was actually founded on. I think civility is one of those values, and I was taught to respect the office of the presidency, and to respect those with whom I might be in disagreement. If you, Mr. Melton, can present a rational argument for your belief the president has somehow undermined the oath, let’s hear it. But simply justifying Mr. Williams’ classless prayer with the same implied insult doesn’t qualify as putting Mr. Williams’ ideas or yours in ”proper perspective.”

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