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      Rant       Exploiting fear and emotion is a standard leverage ploy for many attempting to advance their particular slants. Al Gretzky notes this in  his letter to the editor Of Our London where he civilly goes after Dante Ryel for using drama and non-science(not accidentally close to nonsense I presume) to perpetuate the ludicrous myth that the actions of mankind have caused our planet to warm up a bit. 

I will not add any more to Gretzky’s brilliant refutation of the tripe written by extreme liberal GWA types, other than I and many others of the conservative ilk emphatically back him.

Dear editor,

Like many other letters written by global warming activists (GWA) before him, Dante Ryel’s letter, (Big oil versus green future, Aug. 12), is filled with personal observation, innuendo, unprovable predictions and copious amounts of fear.

Mr. Ryel gets to the fear quickly. He turns “captivating and hypnotic novelty” trains into terrifying boogeymen because of a single devastating tragedy in Lac Megantic where part of the town was obliterated and 40 people died.

Like any good GWA(very polite usage of the term good here) he took the opportunity to use this tragedy to try and make a point on global warming and the ultimate goal of this fear is to stop the tanker trains.

Why? To stop the delivery of oil and slow the global warming it supposedly causes. The fact he fails to mention is if that occurred, a commute to work would involve walking on a path in a forest wearing only the suit you were born in because there would be no amenities and no civilization as we know it. And if we stopped the cars, planes and ships for the tragedies they had caused, we could revert to being hunter and gatherers. Planet saved.

He then has the unmitigated gall to ask why we allow these trains to pass through our cities. Because Mr. Ryel, GWA like you are stopping the building of the safest means of moving oil and that is pipelines.

Then comes the green energy speech and how it will save us. How Ontario has become a green energy superpower. Sounds good, but the fact is that virtually every country which has gone down that road is running back as fast as they can. Subsidized renewable energy is driving this province to bankruptcy and its citizens into poverty.

Up to this point the comments were the usual global warming prattle. But the following three lines cried out for response:

“Why should we allow an industry that is benefitting only Alberta threaten our safety and health in Ontario? What’s in it for us? Ontario doesn’t profit from fossil fuels.”

Seriously Mr. Ryel, Ontario doesn’t profit? Space constrains me from giving more than a cursory response.(Ryel would most certainly turn deaf ear to any further enumeration here just like his other “don’t listen to reason” friends) Let me begin with the obvious like the Sarnia refinery where more than a thousand people work and where billions are invested in new equipment, much supplied by companies in Ontario.

These same companies sell hundreds of millions of dollars worth of product directly to the oil sands for production and hundreds of millions more for maintenance repairs and operations.

Of the thousands of jobs created by the oil sands in spinoffs across Canada, Ontario captures 7 percent. Over the next 25 years, if the GWA do not shut down the oils sands, Ontario workers should earn $70B and our GDP $120B.

As to the global warming threat created by the evil Oil Sands, here are the stats you can check. Canada produces approximately 2 percent of the worlds greenhouse gas (GG). The Oils Sands, not the tar sands as tar is a derivative of coal, is 1 percent of that total. That’s means 0.01 percent of the worlds GG comes from the Oil Sands. Shut down the Oil Sands, thusly our economy, and we will create even higher rates of carbon dioxide from the wood we would have to burn to keep warm in winter.

Future generations will find other methods than oil to power our society, but the current crop of turbines and solar panels are not them(classic example of impractical ideology overriding pragmatic common sense!). Persistence in their use will not save Ontario but destroy it. Then 50 years from now someone will have to explain to the children how we let that happen.

Al Gretzky, London


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