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Irony and sarcasm dripped from the written words of Penelope Gray as she denounces the Fort Walton Beach Daily News paper for effectively providing free advertising for a burlesque club catering to military men. 

Mrs Gray is justifiably indignant that a strip club, where young females make a ton of cash by presenting their shapely buttocks, elevates its profit margin and male sex organs. They are rumored to make even more in the back rooms for the kind of sex that rarely results in pregnancy.

Penelope was aghast that much more important news was printed on the fourth and 11th pages of the newspaper while a stripper’s bar profited from front page bold letter advertising.  The sex industry may flourish even more in Florida than Texas.


Re: Story, March 21, “Red Rose reopens to military”

I want to congratulate the Daily News on its very generous front-page advertisement for Cash Moore’s bar (excuse me … I mean, “Gentleman’s Club”) and for letting all of our military personnel know that it has been reopened for their business. What great publicity for this worthy establishment.

The Daily News should be very proud that Cash’s business has picked up tremendously. This information was definitely worthy of bold print, front-page coverage. The Daily News should be proud of helping out a bar. Yet, on page A4, there were minor stories like a couple being charged with a carjacking in Destin. Another story, also on page A4, about an anti-death penalty prosecutor challenging the governor. On page A11, a story about confirmation hearing of Neil Gorsuch as a Supreme Court judge. These stories certainly don’t come close to the importance of a bar opening to military personnel!(Of course not!…don’t you know that sex always is more newsworthy)

Shame on you. Your front-page layout continues to become like a cheap grocery store tabloid.



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