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Man, I have to had it to letter writers to the Boston Herald in the United States. They are masters at keeping it brief and to the point. Many Americans and citizens of the world, for that matter, are incensed over the  miscarriage of justice associated with Hillary Clinton’s egregious usage of private email servers to attack her own political rivals and threaten national security. 

The brevity of Peter Laird Sr, in noting the disparity in the meting of justice between the rich and the poor, was more than commendable. He astutely observes that even the FBI director intimated that if Joe Average had done the same thing, he/she would have faced criminal prosecution! So James Comey had the balls to admit there are at least two standards of justice in play in the land that we love. Don’t worry Peter, the justice tied to the court of public opinion will cost the matriarchal version of the Clinton Klan the election. Donald Trump was going to crush her anyway, but he won’t have to spend as much money this way!

In failing to recommend prosecution of Hillary Clinton(no prosecution, but an election costing criticism), FBI Director James Comey at least was upfront in saying, “To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences” (“Federal bureau of injustice,” July 6). What a standup guy.

What I conclude from Comey’s remarks: There are two scales of justice. One for the rulers (Washington pols and insiders); one for the ruled.

— Peter Laird Sr., Falmouth



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