Post Star : Robert J. Bramski


         Writing Letter to The Editor         I wish Robert Bramski had disclosed more about what was pissing him off in his letter to the editor of the Post Star in Easton, New York. Robert said very little about the front page story in the newspaper that had him so agitated. At issue is the deceptive usage of the phrase hometown compassion which probably means code enforcement is lax enforcing the code when it comes to their family or friends. If Bramski was employed as a code enforcement officer, I am sure he would look the other way for certain people too.

Read today’s (July 30) front page story on code enforcement and laughed. In March 2007 you gave Easton front page coverage over the same topic. Tony Jordan was ADA then. Still doesn’t have a clue!(Does he mean turning the other cheek with respect to code enforcement?)

He should read his hometown weekly paper! On June 25 they reported on a town of Greenwich issue in Cossayuna, which County Code Enforcement Officer Dave Armando and Justice Blake handled quite easily! They showed why it’s called “enforcement!” I guess it just takes officials working together and canning the political rhetoric, and stopping, as Supervisor Shaw calls it, “hometown compassion” for residents. I call it good ole boys and being happy with “an adequate” job!



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