Religious Zealotry Alive and Well In Roswell, New Mexico


Justin Craft of Roswell, New Mexico wrote a letter to the editor of the Roswell Daily Record  indicating Mr. Craft has insider information on who will be allowed to pass through the gates of heaven.

Mr. Craft opens his letter declaring that he was not trying to attack any individual and then clumsily proceeds to not so subtly attack Adam Wells who wrote a letter that opposed the dogmatic views of Craft. Craft erroneously assumes that the entire world literally believes every word of the Old Testament. Craft must believe that the  farmers and sheep herders of Mesopotamia around 2000 years ago somehow had all the answers regarding ethics and morality. Evolution answers many more questions about our existence than The Holy Bible.

Craft, whose insular existence easily predicts his judgmental ways,  can not conceive of a world view that does not involve a God. He tenaciously clings to his erroneous assumption that homosexuality is unconditionally wrong and ignorantly condemns gays, lesbians, transgenders, and all who make sexual choices that do not line up with his country bumpkin view of the world.  Craft does not choose to acknowledge that some people are born with ambiguous genitals which will naturally lead to “some confusion” about their gender. Yes, Justin, around 1.5% of the population has something between a penis and vagina and you and your God would send them straight to hell. Craft would, of course , advance the view that the sins of the parents are passed along to their progeny which does not sound too much like the actions of caring, loving, benevolent creator aka God.

Religious Zealot Alert

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  1. I think Justin Craft went to high school in Roswell,NM. Not sure if it was Goddard or Roswell High School. He knew my cousin and Justin was narrow minded back then. I read his letter to the editor which harshly criticized gays and lesbians. Justin Craft is a good guy, but he is just an ignorant country boy who does not know any better.

    I think his father is Rick Kraft who writes very thoughtful conservative Christian pieces in the RDR. He just wrote an excellent piece about the fiddler on the roof where he compares our desire to play “beautiful music” with the difficulty of remaining stable on the roof! Craft, who viewed the play at the Roswell Community Little Theatre, is religious but not a zealot as you described Justin.

    Again, I think you need to understand the difference between being ignorant and being a zealot. Justin wants desperately to believe the world is as simple as described in the old testament of the Holy Bible. Any intelligent educated person knows that some people are born homosexual. Kraft would rather criticize than be empathetic. His choice!

    1. Justin Craft does not deserve all the attention you are giving him. YouTube should suspend his account for flagging gay pride as spam. I think he has been with men and feels guilty. Let’s pray for his tortured soul. Thanks Holly Bartlett for all the educating you do!

    2. Rick Kraft repeated the advice of his favorite professor, Robert Reid, at Baylor University. “Avoid excess, know thyself” was the topic of Just a Thought penned by Kraft in the RDR.
      Kraft, an attorney, who likely has elements of “excess” in his life should tread carefully while declaring that cell phones and televisions are not essentials for life. He does incisively point out that excess is NOT unconditionally wrong. He stresses that prudence is necessary in what excess we choose to purchase.

      1. Mr. Kraft, I enjoyed your piece in the RDR today about squeezing. The outreach baptist church in New Orleans is special and necessary for meeting the needs of the homeless. Did you know you spelled addiction as addition two or three times? Not to detract from your fine article! Just wanted you to know you have a following.

        Also, welcome to our new Roswell Daily Record editor Timothy Howsare who will hopefully offset the corruption led by Charles Fischer. A good start would be to fire Jill McLaughlin who printed off the record comments that caused ENMU-R to layoff teachers and cut back on programs that would have benefited my daughter who is stuck working a crappy retail job now!!!!

        Howsare comes to us from Tampa,TX and believes a free press is a healthy check on the injustices and abuses of police forces and gutless politicians.

        1. Knew Tim Howsare when he was a banging musician. Just read(in the blazing hot column titled ripcord into reality)how he attends church every Sunday and believes God helped him get a brand new car. Oh Tim there are substantive easy to discern differences between Corolla, honda civic, and Ford Focus. Didn’t miss your thinly veiled criticism of foreign cars, but your remark will sit well with your republican, red necked, ultra conservative, country bumpkin readership. Thanks for filling up print space in Sundays paper.

          1. I don’t think many folks know just how talented a musician Howsare is. He described his love for the well known piano piece “Clair de Lune” Also obvious Tim is into music history being very aware of the efforts of Claude Debussy and acutely educated in music theory scales, notes, keys, dissonant harmonies…. The dude is a veritable polymath and we are lucky he moved over from Pampa.

            1. Uniquely named shayleigh Hernandez is perturbed school boards in Roswell NM do not subsidize music programs adequately. Well shayleigh, you can sing the blues for free.

    3. You are getting the names Kraft and Craft confused. Justin went through tough divorce with a beautiful person named Adaly Moreno. Justin means well but will force his opinion down your throat if you let him. Overall a good guy. Rick Kraft is a lawyer.

      1. Rick Kraft,an attorney out of Roswell nm, was in the “maybe why mode” in today’s newspaper when he was trying to figure out why God created us.

        Kraft claims that it is certain there are more problems in the world then solutions. He goes on to stipulate that the purpose of humans is to solve all these problems.

        Oh I get it Rick so God created us knowing that we would have a lot of problems and our purpose becomes to solve all these problems?

        Now that is just the type of God that I want to worship thanks Rick. Why don’t you see what Doris and other Roswell atheist think about that twisted piece of pseudo logic?

        You presumably make your living applying logic in legal settings. Why is it that you disable your logical faculty in an important concern like life after death and believing in some sort of magical creator?

        1. I wonder if Kraft ever contemplates the actions of any of his days as a lawyer, chasing after the almighty dollar which we all do, as his last day?

          He is an attorney writing a spiritual column in newspaper. I would be much more likely to respect the spiritual advice of a janitor. The meek shall inherit the earth.

    4. Justin Craft would likely judge intersexual Jennifer Pagonis who behaved like a happy girl until they found testicles inside her abdomen and tried to surgically convert her to a boy without ambiguous genitals.

      Based on his public calling out of homosexual lifestyles, Justin would probably not mind if Jenny was part of a circus sideshow. More than one per cent of population is born with not clearly defined genitalia thereby making it difficult to determine their sex JUSTIN. Do you get that? I assume you were born with clearly defined plumbing, but please, my brother, have empathy and compassion for those who were born with certain physical conditions that make it hard for them to live in your narrow minded world!

      May the love and peace of Jesus Christ fill your life. Also, 1% of the population of the United States is way over three million intersexuals. Your kids play with them. You may refer to them as Tom Boys. Please respect their birth right or conditions and get off your high horse. Take care.

          1. Glad Keith Bell finally put out another cartoon about dope dealer getting stuck in attic and calling 911 to extricate him. Must say his themes are tamer than what I remember when he was doing two or three per week.

          2. Scott Beigel was gunned down by nikolas Cruz at Marjory stoneman douglas High School in parkland Florida.

            The geography teacher was the guy who had to lock the door of the room the students would be barricaded in. Beigel was riddled with bullets from an AR-15 style rifle purchased at Sunrise Tactical Gear which is a busines with a history of being lax on background checks.

            Attorney melisa McNeill should drop the case and push for the immediate electrocution of Cruz. Many people suffer from depression and lack of brain development and don’t commit mass murder. Electrocute Cruz slowly and publicly. THEN observe the school shootings go to zero!!!!

        1. I believe Justin was instrumental in pushing through initiative that will address transgender rights and protections in RISD. I am surprised his name was not mentioned in RDR article by Lisa Dunlap. Troy Hudson and Adrien Lawyer are other key names in this long overdue initiative. Tom Burris and Peggy Brewer all seem to be on board for the LBGT support showing the world that Roswell is NOT just a town full of rednecks and bigots.

          Russell A. Scott is changing his tune in his letter to editor when he says “When we go on the assumption that God exists and is relevant, many foolish and dangerous ideas begin to sound sensible such as stoning people in Old Testament, water parting just in time for good guys to get through, a man walks on water and pulls fish out of thin air.

          1. You would have gotten along quite well with the late Christopher Hitchens who with his signature candor and eloquence declared that religion is violent, irrational, intolerant, advances racism and tribalism and bigotry, imposes ignorance upon its adherents and hostile to free inquiry, contemptuous of women and coercive toward children.

            1. Boca Raton, Florida language arts middle school teacher Preston Smith put up a satanic display next nativity scenes in public spaces. His tenure won’t save his ignorant attention seeking ass. Look for him to be unemployed and maybe homeless soon. Presto Chango

  2. Mitchell T. Berget of Roswell wrote letter to editor claiming Russell Scott is incorrect in his assessment of who will go to heaven or hell. Berget believes Lazarus was dead for 4 days. Berget’s logic is quite suspect and why would any sensible person listen to somebody like him who truly believe two people were dead for 3 or 4 days then came back to life?

    1. Ralph Rivera of Roswell,NM(your knuckle-dragging, Bible-banging, flag-waving neighbor) warns to never vote for a Democrat because no Democrat can be trusted. Ralph Rivera believes the Bible word for word, but used the word TURDS to describe difficult to manage school kids. Sounds like Ralph is a burnt out school teacher and a member of the Church of Christ.

      1. Ralph Rivera of Roswell,NM admits that God picked a fool. Ralph also wants Obama to kill Muslims. Ralph wants to deny federal funds for roads and colleges to states that help immigrants from Mexico and Central America. This denial of funds would hurt honest hard working Republican citizens like Ralph although I think he spends more time writing long winded letters to the editor than working.

      2. Ralph Rivera, a frequent letter writer in the Roswell,NM newspaper, stated his father claimed that priests were men in skirts and that Apple should be punished via taxation for being so profitable. I would not purchase an IPhone if I knew illiterate, dumbass, American high school graduates had anything to do with it being manufactured.

        Priests are magnets for pedophilia according to Bill Maher which fits just fine with the men in skirts observation of Ralph’s dad.

        American employers are under no obligation to provide high paying jobs to ignorant,lazy, drug addict adults who screwed off in high school.

        Apple brilliantly changed the way the world communicates and has fun. Screw the citizens of Roswell who can not hold down a job, spend their money on lottery tickets, piss away what money they have at inn of the mountain gods AND then expect the Googles and Apples of the world to wipe their noses!

        Ralph is definitely correct in asserting that welfare enlarges underclass allergic to working. Hell, if you can buy a big basket of food at Sam’s with an EBT card, it is natural to Not be to excited about a 9 dollar an hour job!!

        The content writers on this blog are one helluva mixed bag with dead opposite takes on reality, but I bet Conservative Christian,flag-waving, Bible-Banging Ralph would really dig this RDR cartoon criticizing societies fervent acceptance of a male decathlon icon becoming a woman.

        1. Ginger Bowman has a hard time concealing her contempt for Ralph Rivera. Ginger you can NOT cure stupid. Idiots like him should not be dignified as party to your intelligently penned refutation of his moronic views in letters to the editor. Russell A. Scott is another dumbass that everybody should ignore because of his public hatred for gay, lesbians, LGBT. Roswell, NM legally and publicly recognized its first gay marriage not too long ago.

          1. Alex Julian of Roswell NM underscores the pathetic abuse of biblical scripture practiced by Scott. Alex is guilty of what he criticizes Russell for which is supporting whatever you happen to believe with a bible verse.

    2. Pastor LaVonne Johnson-Holt assures us to Never Fear, God will provide for your needs. The absurdity of such a claim is dead obvious when one considers the destroyed families of the theater mass murders in the United States alone!

      World wide the number of sick and starving people well exceeds the population of the Americas! Wake up woman and understand that very few are comforted by the claim of a brain washed Christian.

      I knew a preacher who quit her profession because God did not provide for her “salary needs”. She was stuck in small town getting paid as part time preacher. Credit card debt mounted and she is now a realtor worshipping the almighty dollar just like all the other working stiffs in Roswel who are not living off of EBT cards.

      1. Despite the invitation by editor Howsare to preachers who lead assemblies of worshippers in Roswell, Lavonne is the only one Musing in her third column published in RDR. She is the only pastor who has volunteered her time so far to produce spiritual writing for the content deficient local newspaper.

        Her piece titled “What is this thing we call the Bible?” was right on the margin of being condescending. Calling the holy book a mere thing is on the threshold of being sacreligious. Maybe Pastor Holt realizes Roswell,NM is a low IQ community explaining her puerile choice of article titles.

        I did note her humorous admission of using a dictionary or an encyclopedia as a knockoff to being a 60 year old.

        I would like to see her write about growing up gay in Roswell as many parents would welcome guidance in a town that had a news making gay marriage published in paper.

        1. Despite the urgings of RDR editor Tim Howsare, Lavonne Johnson-Holt of Saint Mark’s Lutheran Church in Roswell,NM continues to be the only local pastor to write quality content for the content deprived local newspaper. Roswell has less than 50,000 people, but well over 200 churches!!!

          So that means we have a town full of lazy preachers like Landjur Abukusumo (NYC police officer who converted to a bible thumper, hazmat coordinator in Albuquerque) who spends his time being sure the city recognizes the efforts of the adulterating orator Martin Luther King. Why would we doubt the judgement of a man who compares Roswell to NYC? Roswell already has many complacent, ineffective city employees and we want to give them another holiday?! Jeanine Corn-Best was the ONLY city council member who recognized this politely being concerned about consequences of an additional holiday for an already quite unproductive group of people who live off your property tax.

          Back to the beautiful writing of Pastor Holt, she repeated the word Ephphatha(a word Jesus uttered when curing the deaf, dumb, and blind which means be opened to the miracle of the incarnation, etc) often in her spiritually edifying article imploring readers to practice empathy and concern for all!

          MLK’s sexual appetite was no secret. He liked white women with big butts and had multiple affairs on his wife making easy connections with insecure, adoring, horny women in his congregations.

          1. Pastor Holt somehow spins the apocalyptic writing of Revelations as good news speciously interpreting agonizing death and destruction as good news because it proves the existence of God. Wars,famines,disease,droughts,floods,plaques,etc. are proof we live in environment that is indifferent to our existence . The mass delusion of Christianity marches on unabated.

            Revelations was written by farmers in a small area of the world describing the periodic nature of catastrophe that has been happening time immemorial. Only cowards could associate pain and destruction as proof of a supernatural force that gives a damn about hairless apes!

            Spare your time Mrs Holt praying for my soul. You are the one that is completely lost with your magical fantasies of a being that does not exist.

            Does anybody know what became of Doris Rashad, the brave soul(Sorry Doris-just a manner of speaking) that ran the atheist assembly in Roswell? I want to meet her after I retire from a relatively high profile job that would find out I was meeting with a bunch of “Devil Worshipers”. There was another poster here with the same fears. I found a link to her site that appears to be rather active even if they don’t know how to spell proselytizers! 🙂

            1. Ryan Reynolds pastor at redeemer Christian fellowship is a wordsmith explaining the etymology of advent as an indicator of the second coming of Jesus Christ. THEN he spouts nonsense about God being “in the business” of using evil for good which should make any rational person’s bullshit meter beep. What sane person would ever believe a benevolent creator would allow torture, forced sodomy while the victims head is underwater drowning, holocaust, burning at the stake etc all for the purpose of good eventually emerging. How could one believe in such a travesty?!

              1. Pastor Ryan Reynolds to muse about the objective reality of the “way things are” while he believes in a supernatural being who begat a human who could walk on water.

                Yeah right Preacher

            2. Enjoyed the spiritually edifying piece written by Reverend Kent Leydens who is musing pastor at first Presbyterian church in Roswell,NM United States. His analogy of John the Baptist as an old fashion doctor of the soul was simply stunning and an effective comparison. We enjoy reading about our old hometown from Western Europe and hope “y’all” have regained strength after beating the onerous stress of Berrendo Middle School tragedy.

            3. Holt’s piece on Lent offered humility as a solution to massive egos as possessed by our commander and chief. She could have explained the purpose of fasting with respect to spiritual growth a little better since many of us think lint is what we clean out of our clothes dryers

        2. Pastor LaVonne Johnson-Holt, with her hyphenated last name, thoughtfully writes about divorce concluding that it is sinful. Apparently she does not want to be divorced from her maiden name.

          1. Ben Zobrist of Kansas City Royals led off the top of sixth inning in World Series with a double and pointed his index finger heavenward mouthing thank the lord. If there is a god, Why would he give a shit about a baseball player who makes one million dollars in a year when about two billion people worldwide do NOT have enough food or clean water?

            Pastor Holt, who appears to be a rational Christian might have insight into this perplexing question.

            1. I know first hand pastor holt is great at what she does. She did great job in today’s newspaper saying unpleasant things are necessary for growth and maturity. Follow Jesus Christ in prayer and deed. Onward Christian soldiers in our battle against same sex marriages and abortion.

              1. The pastor musings content writer did a nice job relating the cartoon Charlie Brown to her angst-ridden, messy childhood where she confesses she was much like the character Lucy. Pastor Holt’s effort reminds me very much of the writings of Shannan Younger who pens many positive take aways from the famous cartoon. Thanks to Holt for reminding us all that the 25 minutes of animation magnanimously created by Charles M. Schulz can be spiritually edifying to young and old alike!

                Merry Xmas to all and may the Good Lord bless our president elect as he fights the evil damages wrought by EIGHT years of liberal excess and deceit.

                1. Tina Cross, pastor of first united church in Roswell NM, would not catch too many Glimpses of the Kingdom In Somolia Africa where hundreds of thousands of bone emaciated starving dying kids are suffering on scale well beyond spoiled American comprehension. Eternal unjustified Pollyanna optimism or the devil caused all the agony in Somolia is insufficient reverend.

        3. Pastor Andrew Heath of mountain view baptist church did not learn too much about Buddhism in seminary school. Writing in pastor musings, he erroneously claims that the mass delusion called Christianity is the only world view that confronts death. He is glaringly mistaken here as the reincarnation belief espoused by eastern religions address death in the birth rebirth cycle.

          1. Andrea Tantaros, appearing on O’Reilly Factor, is enraged that so many entertainers and academics mock religion. Well Andrea, let me give you a short list…..Christians believe a man was dead for 3 days and came back to life, all of the life of earth was loaded onto a boat when water covered the entire planet, A God that thinks it is OK to stone homosexuals. Maybe some day you will figure out why you are outnumbered!

            1. One Reason Obama will never be a guest on Bill Maher show is Maher’s overt and shameless mockery of religion. His excoriation of catholic priests may have got him millions of laughs and an enormous following, but Bill will have to wait well past his 60th birthday for the FORMER pres to pay him a visit. Maher overestimates his importance in the political scheme of things when he muses that his views and obamas coincide. Like the president cares BILL?! You are, at best, on political periphery with little to NO substantive influence. However, we would like to know whether Ann Coulter is a screamer or a moaner.

              1. Ann coulter revealed she has a gang rape fantasy on hardon I mean hardball with Chris Matthews. The topic had to do with the lewandowski battery charge in trump campaign. Odenton, MD owner/author of Coulter Watch website appears to get some type of sexual thrill writing about the various times Ann has used the term rape in her far right commentary. Very sexy conservative women are hard to come by. Let’s preserve her as long as we can so we can double down on her political commentary and the sexual fantasy of dominating a woman more intelligent than the other party to the intercourse and I dont mean verbal intercourse. You just know she is a screamer.

          2. Adam Urquides is a minister at Spring River Congregation of Jehovah’s Wittnesses. All humans have live in “critical times” off and on for the last million years whether you believe in God or not. Adam did not mention that he believes in a God that will only permit 144,000 to enter gates of heaven or that he is convinced Christ was crucified on a stake and not a cross.

            1. Pastor Adam Urquides writes the same old tired rhetoric to consider scriptural principles before voting. Problem is both Trump and HER can find biblical scripture to support their positions. If you want lower taxes and safer neighborhoods, vote for Donald Trump. If you want your tax dollars spent paying for people like Craig Abalos and other Roswellites who live off government entitlement programs to live comfortably without having to work, vote for HER.

      2. Not all realtors are scum as your comment seems to intimate. Brothers Matt and Jesse McDaniel rescued and assisted around 70 stranded or distressed motorists in Chaves County during the snow dumping behemoth Goliath. Jesse probably knew he would get free advertising from the Freudenthal photo in RDR, or would only the most jaded cynic think such a thing?

  3. Peter Simonson, director of NM ACLU, is responsible for Billy Ray’s Lounge in Roswell losing business. The zealot “preacher” Jeremy De Los Santos won $97000 from the city for screaming at the top of his lungs through a bullhorn at us when we tried to go in to Billy Rays. We don’t go to Allen Theater anymore because he yells at movie goers who are attending movies with sexual content. De Los Santos is a punk who should be fined rather than getting paid off by the city. God help us. He interfered with our congregation at Church on the Move many times. De Los Santos was found guilty of “menacing the public assembled on public property” or a charge to that effect in municipal court.

  4. Lester Peck ate at the Lubys in Killeen every day except the day the gunman crashed his car through the glass and killed around 40 people. I wonder if Lester believes God favored him and his wife over the 40 that were slaughtered? If so, why?

  5. Landjur Abukusumo of Roswell NM urges all God hating idol worshipping people to idolize the one and only God of the Old Testament which was full of idolatry and human animal sacrifice. Replacing one idol with the other has always been the hypocrisy of religion.

    The Washington chapel Christian worship center bible thumper warns us against trusting our own logic regarding gods existence because we would likely discover belief in God is one of our many delusions about this existence.

    Pastor Abukusumo foolishly attacks the “white culture” as being the only one with a socioeconomic class struggle. Africa has similar social disparities.

    1. Reverend Stanley McConnell of Roswell writes about bipolar mental disorder without mentioning God once. Thanks preach for understanding and endorsing the secular side of the coin.

      1. Stanley wrote letter to editor of RDR declaring he is a schizophrenic. His antipsychotic medication was improperly administered at hospital which caused a relapse that could have turned him into a mass shooter in McConnell’s own words.

        Stanley criticizes police for being unpredictable, but his bipolar condition makes him violently unpredictable and if he goes nuts in public in a violent way, he should be shot dead.

  6. William Dawe is overly critical of the pieces written by Roswell pastors in his letter to editor where he states islamophobia is justified. Had Dawes been born on Arabian peninsula, he would be writing about Christianophobia.

    1. Dawe loses any credibility he had built up as a reliable Roswell job corps employee by calling all liberal/progressives liars. He makes fun of the rhyming letter to the editor written by John Ford.

      I wonder if Mr dawe ever misrepresented anything on a job application to get a job? How about Trumps daily prevarications about Sweden, Atlanta sir? You voted for him William and he is trying to deport hard working immigrants like some of the at risk job corps students you are supposed to support.

      Procurement specialists at major corporations frequently knowingly use illegal immigrants along the way to drive down prices. Cheap labor, no contracts and so forth.

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