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Writing Letter to The Editor

I find it rather stunning that many, otherwise intelligent people, will give total strangers money via email or as a result of  a telephone conversation. The following letter to the editor of a newspaper in Washington State proves a sucker is born every hour. A decent rule of thumb is to NOT answer your phone if it is not a number you have already progammed into the phone. Pull your head out of the sand people. Please don’t be suckered or duped into a scam that will screw you out of your hard earned retirement income.

I have been getting calls from an individual, located in vegas, [who] says I won PCH,and they wanted to give me, $10 million dollars. Upon further investigation, I found out this is not true but he said he needed me to give them $5,000 first… not true.

Then he calls again, saying I won the Washington State Lottery, “not true,” same scenario, I did not fall for this one either.(Amused that Mr. Iverson even engages such an overt scamster in conversation)

He calls me two-days later, trying to tell me I won $60 million dollars, and so I played him to find out “where he was calling from and how would I get him the $5,000. He says he needed it upfront and he tells me, “they would send a courier to get this. [And then asked for my address.

I laughed at him and told him, “you just got played, player, for you have called me four times this week and you contacted the wrong person.” I am a PI and I have many attorney’s on speed-dial. Oh, I have called ID-too, so, “have a nice day-kiddo,” talk soon.(makes no difference how many attorneys you have on speed dial and the con artist you are wasting your time with knows that…he has made no threats and you have no legal basis to have him arrested, moreover untraceable phone numbers abound on the internet)

I did call PCH and they have filed charges against this company because each time he called me I had four different numbers to give them. I did not let him have my address nor my SS-number either. I felt these characters might break into my home.(My god what a mental giant, brilliant sir to have not given the phone fraud specialist your physical address, that explains why you have lived this long)

I called the phone company and put a block on my phone against any calls coming in with a 1-800 or 1-877, or, etc.. they did. No, I did not play this game but PCH has a lot of people misrepresenting them. There is a bogus letter out there saying we won, too.

If you get anything in the mail that says you won something, and have the letter in hand, take it to your bank(Not worth the time spent to go to bank friend. Legitimate enterprises do NOT inform anybody they have won money through snail mail!) and they will check it for you. Do not cash it, like some Priest did, and get swindled. He was told to give them a check for $40,000 and he would get $20 million back.(What a dumbass, maybe the Priest should have prayed to God first, sounds like he was worshiping the the Almighty Dollar)

There are a lot of scams out there, and as a PI(Do you really make a decent living as a Private Investigator?), I have notified a lot of news outlets about them. And now AARP has put out a list also. If you look it up on the computer as AARP’s latest scam alerts. Check things out first, make a report to news media and newspapers. Some poor soul that needs money will do what this Priest did if these con artists say, “send money first,” it is a scam.



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