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How could any rational person blame Robert Celestini of Sterling Heights, Michigan for being extremely irate? The resident of this Detroit suburb is upset that part of his water bill pays for those who do NOT pay their bill! What do you want to bet that some of the lowlifes who are not paying their bills are the same ones trying to provoke white police officers into actions they can video AND then win a lawsuit against the city?

I just finished reading the article of delinquent water bills (May 22, 2017 Macomb Daily) and I don’t understand. Macomb County wants to charge me to help pay for the people who don’t pay their water bill? I have been paying my water bill for the past 45 years and never have been late and this is the thanks I get. Same problem with the new sink hole, again I have been paying water and sewage bills for 45 years, shouldn’t some of my bill go to maintenance of the system? Or do some of our elected officials have better use for that money in their pockets?(like a tax payer paid junket to a tropical paradise with their families) I am getting sick and tired of all the corruption in our government and we have to shell out to cover these costs and these people go free to keep ripping us off!



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