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Writing Letter to The Editor

Sally Watterson wasn’t clear about what amazed her regarding Deena Hayes’ remarks dealing with a raise for Greensboro , NC school board members. I think amazed is a sanitized form for upset, disappointed, enraged, pissed off, irate, disgusted, shocked, mad, or WTF.(I know all you educators will appreciate this synonym enumeration) Ed Price thought the raise was justified, but Nancy Routh was more sensible about it seeming to get that it would not set well with veteran teachers who were not getting even close to the same percentage of a raise. Price should have thought twice about his remuneration before running for a board position.

I was amazed when I read what school board member Deena Hayes had to say in support for a raise for the school board: Many of the board members work full time on top of the hours required for serving on the board. Serving is a financial hardship for some. I suggest she talk to the teachers in the district who are working two or three jobs in addition to their teaching job about financial hardship.



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