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I am very moved by this letter from Lawrence Greer who served Uncle Sam in the Viet Nam conflict that deeply divided the United States and took more lives than all our involvement in the Middle East combined! Mr. Greer is grateful for the medical service he receives and applauds the tax dollars that are being spent to help courageous war veterans like himself. In this age where many folks justifiably complain about substandard medical care and unreadable doctors bills, it is quite edifying and refreshing to see a gentlemen like Lawrence Greer who appreciates what he has!

 — Lawrence Greer, San Angelo
‘Tis the season to give thanks for our many blessings.
I am retired from the Army, and I served in the marines. I also volunteered for duty in the Republic of Vietnam and served one tour there, returning in July 1967. I am thankful to have returned safely, though I had two friends who died there and often I feel guilt because they did not return and I did.
I am dealing with some not-so-fond memories of my tour there. However, I have been provided with excellent services by Veterans Affairs here and in Big Spring to help me deal with these troubling issues.
Especially noteworthy is the excellent medical services I receive at St. John’s Veterans clinic in San Angelo. I am especially thankful for the professional services provided by my case worker, Jan Lentz, a sincere, warm, caring person.
I am thankful for my fellow citizens for providing these services for veterans. Your taxpayer dollars are used wisely by the local VA.

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  1. I only wish that all VA case workers were as compassionate and empathizing as Jan Lentz. Some of them only go through the motions. Their heart is not in it, but Jan Lentz genuinely appreciates what many veterans have been through and loves her job immensely!! She helped me a lot even though lately I have been selling my body to the night to make ends meet.

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