Should Insurance Companies Cover the Cost of Contraceptives for Free?


The letter that John Grogan wrote to the Roswell Daily Record regarding the mandate requiring insurance companies to pay for contraceptives with NO co-pay certainly brings up an issue that divides the country.

Mr. Grogan was responding to a letter to the editor of the RDR written by Delma Craig. Not sure, but I believe Grogan was disappointed that Ms. Craig opposes the view that insurance companies foot the bill for birth control pills, rings, hormone shots, barrier methods, patch, or implantation , i.e. female contraception.

We all understand the importance of birth control. Prudent decisions regarding contraception help prevent having to make difficult choices regarding abortion. However, this is not a justification for expecting insurance companies to provide contraception “for free” to its policy holders.

Being able to get contraceptives for free without a co-pay might even promote recreational sex since there would be no cost associated with screwing whoever you happen to see at happy hour. Grogan may not be familiar with the notion of moral hazard which is an insurance term for expecting policy holders to bear some of the cost of a medical procedure so they will not overdo it! Co-pay is a way to prevent people from going to the doctor every time they get the sniffles OR in this case every time they want to get laid.

It might be true that 50% of all pregnancies are unplanned, but that does not mean that everybody who pays insurance premiums should absorb the cost! Insurance companies should primarily be paying for surgeries and treatments that are necessary or life saving NOT contraception.

Before you know it this slippery slope type reasoning will have insurance companies covering the cost of Viagra and Cialis. I do not know why anybody would pay a penny for Viagara when they could get it for free in a much more natural away by dating a female gymnast. After all, sustaining an erection by viewing the most well-shaped, provocatively formed bum in the history of mankind saves you money and avoids the side-effects of these expensive hard-on inducing male enhancement drugs.

Apologies for the off topic comment, but did you notice the letter written by Russell A. Scott of Roswell, New Mexico?  Scott, while writing about the health care crisis, states that “Obama actually has a valid point”. Translated: This means that our commander and chief actually agrees with Russell A. Scott. It is quite easy to pick apart the policy of any President from the comfort of your living room.

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  1. I do not get it. Why is this even a serious question. Health insurance is stuff like cancer, heart problems, kidney issues. When in the hell are these “liberal minded” entitled Americans gonna start being responsible for the own reckless lifestyles. It is unaccountable people like this that drive up premium prices!!!!!!!!

  2. Robert F Lynd of Roswell, predictably ultra conservative, politely bashes Mark Shields in his letter to the editor. Lynd appears to oppose Welfare, but how in the hell does a single mother whose old man left her take care of five children?!! Lynd is also skews history to “fit his world view”

  3. We swear by the policies issued by Charles Hiller of Farmers Insurance in Roswell. I think he told us that he believes insurance companies should pay the cost of contraceptives, but he may have just telling us what we want to hear to get our business.

    The agent could say anything. It gets down to what is written in agreement or contract or just the terms of the policy.

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