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South Whidbey Record: Helen Price Johnson


Helen Price Johnson’s indignation, over a letter to the editor of the South Whidbey Record written by Ric Delmonte, was quite justified! Certainly one can be sympathetic to Mr. Delmonte’s worries over property foreclosure, but he must of been stressed out when he chose to “attack” Helen Price Johnson. A father who is worried about losing the home where he is struggling to raise his children tends to react aggressively if there is even a hint that he might lose his house. 

There seems to be a  “history” between Johnson and Delmonte that we are not privy to. Delmonte’s characterization of Johnson intimated that he has a general distrust of politicians of all ilks including county commissioners.

Recent letter to the South Whidbey Record from Ric Delmonte (Oct. 22) completely mischaracterized my position on the Freeland sewer project. Its size and scope ought to be decided by the residents of Freeland and their elected district representatives. That is why the work of the Citizen’s Advisory Committee is so important. They are reviewing options and soon will bring forward a recommendation for action.For Mr. Delmonte to suggest that I, or anyone, want the district to foreclose on property owners is disingenuous, at best.

Helen Price Johnson


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