Susan Cowin: Yakima Herald


Writing Letter to The Editor

One does not have to possess much acumen to surmise  that Susan Cowin will vote for Donald Trump. A glance at her brief letter to the editor of the Yakima Herald reveals she has rock star admiration for business types and believes their skill set will transfer to the political realm. She does not explain why folks with business experience are the best fit for county commissioner position, but adamantly advances David Watson’s credentials.

To the editor — I want someone with real business experience(Is this only because of the national craze which attracts voters to Donald Trump and his legendary business prowess?) to be our next county commissioner. That’s why I’m voting for David Watson. In addition to having an MBA, Watson has decades of experience running large organizations and managing multimillion-dollar budgets. I want government to be run like a business.(Glad your hometown is inviting Zach Hinson to your cozy and hospitable town in Washington State!)


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