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Pennsylvanian Susan Sacks characterized our president’s recent exchange with shoplifter’s father as a silly war of words. I wonder if she would issue the same criticism had it been her son who had been charged with stealing in foreign country? Probably not, since she would have immediately thanked Trump for getting her kiddo out of jail.

The father of LiAngelo Ball is a disrespectful motor mouth who stated there is nothing wrong with shoplifting. Do you wonder if this insolent and arrogant patriarch would have changed his immature ways had Trump let LiAngelo Ball rot away in Chinese jail cell?

Coplay is predominantly White(Almost 90% Caucasian) and I admire Susan for not being predictably racist in a community where only 7% of its citizens are Afro-American. 


I read the piece on President Trump’s war of words with LaVar Ball. Trump tweeted that he should have left the UCLA basketball players in jail in China because of Ball’s comments. And, for Ball to state that “nobody did anything” to have them released was totally out of line.(If UCLA coach had any character or backbone, he would suspend the three black players who disgraced the country and the team)

However, I agree that shoplifting of any kind is wrong and if caught one should be punished. Sadly, these kids picked the wrong country to do it in. And it was a very nice for Trump to intervene in spite of what Ball is saying.(Dad said shoplifting is no big deal….He should be fined for being an awful parent)
But I was also taught that if one does something for someone, it should be done because it is the right thing to do without the expectation of thanks.I don’t think Trump ever learned that lesson. And I don’t think Ball was ever taught to be just a little bit humble and grateful when someone does do something nice.





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