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Carmen Blakely’s letter to the editor of the Tampa Bay Times in Florida makes one wonder who is more interested in killing…….her or the teenager she wants killed. Carmen Blakely, who fancies herself as an expert on problem children, said that “If this kid were a rabid animal he would be humanely euthanized for the sake of society at large”.

Only one problem with your specious, fallacious reasoning Carmen. The kid is not a rabid animal which makes your analogy pathetically unsound and you should be ashamed of putting your name on the letter to the Tampa Bay Times. You  seem to enjoy killing as much as the 15-year-old you want dead. Do you really know how he was treated? Do you have any idea how he was raised? It is quite the challenge for a parent to rear a child these days.  Be careful about drawing conclusions that lead to the lethal injection of a problem child.

Carmen Blakely treats this egregious act in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth fashion. I don’t blame her for that especially if her family was violated by the murder. It just seems to me that she is as full of rage as the person she wants dead. Just saying……

Violent teenager should be killed

Teen faces charges of domestic assault, battery July 20 story

This is the third time in as many years I have read of a teenager or preteen that is so mentally unbalanced and destructive that their family or caregiver is afraid of them.

This teen and the others exactly like him will never be a productive, contributing member of society.

They will always be a threat to the life of humans, animals and possibly themselves. They are a drain on our finances (taxes) and social services with nothing received in return.

The law charges the adult with negligence for protecting themselves against the homicidal child!

If this kid were a rabid animal he would be humanely euthanized for the sake of society at large. I respectfully urge the same solution for this case and the others like it. There is absolutely no reason this out-of-control, brutal tormenter should be allowed to roam free, while others must pay for the care and put up with his loathsome behavior.

Give him the injection he so direly needs. Let’s not forget what he gave his loving parents – besides the threats of stabbing them to death in their sleep: bruises, cuts, abrasions, sprains, misaligned jaw, head punches and head kicks.

At 15, he has already proven he has nothing to contribute except fear, hate, selfishness, pain and misery.

Carmen Blakely, Lutz


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  1. Overall, I agree with Carmen Blakely, Lutz although I do agree she seems a little bloodthirsty!

    I believe it was her who wrote some very harsh commentary on gay preteens in Tampa. Reading between the lines, Carmen talks like many of the fundamentalist Christians who demand black and white answers to questions regarding sexual choices and birth control. Oh well….simple minds demand simple solutions. The world will always be full of judgemental people like her who believe they have the right to impose their crass ethical views on the rest of the world.

    Back to gay preteens……many people are born gay GET OVER IT ALL YOU IGNORANT REDNECKS OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Look dude, Lutz has a no nonsense way of looking at this. The “kid” she wanted killed by lethal injection or whatever is a psychopath with no moral compass. This killer “child” is incorrigible with no hope of rehabilitation. Stop playing the poor innocent child victim of a bad upbringing card. Best way to prevent a killer from killing again is to kill them first! Whoop there it is….whoop there it is

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