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Irving B. Welchons, III seems convinced in his letter to the editor of The Daily Reporter that it is possible to get a “true citizen representative” elected to the House of Representatives! I do admire him for trying to get a regular Joe into the House, but doubt his initiative will be effective in a country where career politicians backed by corporate interests are the norm.

Not sure what is worse. An oppressive government with no effective checks and balances OR a credit bureau like Experian whose mistakes can ruin the quality of your life!

Welchons encourages visiting to make a difference

To the editor,

Every poll says you are fed up with Congress and the entire federal government. Instead of taking action that could make a difference most people are falling prey to the distraction that is the presidential election. It is a circus purposely performed to keep you from paying attention to the election that could break the gridlock in Washington.

The President is one person with limited authority. The House of Representatives is 435 people who make the laws. It is so named because the Founding Fathers insisted on having representatives of the people. The problem today is that the candidates you choose from are picked by a party and backed by big money.

I found a way to make a difference. Join me and thousands of others who are excited about the possibility of electing true citizen representatives to the House. Learn how at

— Irving B. Welchons, III, Charlotte, N.C.


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  1. For most of my adult life I have felt it was futile to even vote in the presidential election, but things have changed! We have to figure out a way to get Obama out of office in a country where lazy, irresponsible people sometimes live at a higher standard than accountable hard working folks!

    I completely support the idea of Welchons. Having citizen representatives rather than fat cats who don’t give a crap about the people they represent is the way to go!! How do I get in touch with him?

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    This guy is a profound admirer of the political views of Irving B. Welchons, III. I bet Irving B. Welchons, III could figure out a way to use all that money for Political reforms.

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