The long awaited Dismantling of Liberal Media Distortion


Writing Letter to The Editor

One has to be impressed with the uniquely penned GOP perspective of Hudson G. Boue’. This denizen of Roswell NM published  three acerbic, democrat digging, snippets in his letter to the editor.

He characterized the punks who stole Trump/Pence campaign signs as doltish juveniles who actually strengthened  the brash New Yorker’s canidacy.  Boue’ also criticized the Dem’s over dependency on out of touch celebrity endorsements. I mean who really gives a crap about Beyonce’s politcal acumen. He humorously and accurately described the left as liberal ankle biters whose self-importance and attempts at punditry was completely ignored by sage Republican voters.

Mr Boue’ appears to be a polymath possessing familiarity with the law and classical literature. His reference to Coleridge , “You cracked and growled , and roared and howled, like noises in swoud.” the inference contained in this poetic verse is that the arrogant Dem commentators had neglible influence on the intelligent, discerning minds of the working class. Yes, Mr Boue’, all those liberal talking head, yellow journalistic writers were IGNORED. 


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  1. Dear Craig Abalos,

    Please note the part in Jackson’s post where Hudson Boue states your ilk is being IGNORED. Your membership in the far left category is quite apparent. Your perception of your own intelligence ludicrous(Ernie Edmondston, Roswell NM, empahtically agrees). You and Cartoonist Mike Luckovich are becoming more and more irrelevant at an hourly rate. CNN junkies like yourself will continue to fade into obscurity. You have to live with the reality of voting for CROOKED Hillary. It’s on your permanent record dopehead.

    1. Nice to see gun club members have strong political views. Sonny Odell, don Palmer, bob elder, bill Kennedy and other iron sight guys are behind Ernie Edmondston when it comes to pretentious liberals like Abalos

    2. To all you people who write mean and pathetically low falsehoods about Craig, He is just eating it up knowing that he is driving up your blood pressure and making you mad. You have never seen him post here because every angry comment you post is a victory for Mr. Abalos! He has become the number one far left citizen in Roswell. Believe me, he has the patience to wait this one out for four years exacting his revenge with carefully crafted letters to the editor designed to give all you white trash Trump supporters strokes, heart attacks, or ulcers. Hudson Boue of Rio Rancho seems to be the only civilized guy on the far Right. Does anybody know why Dr Boue sends so many letters to editor of RDR?

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