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Theodore DeLuca III raises the standard liberal, what if arguments for radically altering America’s Public Schools. He fails to understand that conceptions and implementation of conceptions are in different universes. He should recognize small changes give rise to more predictable consequences and help avoid dangerous unintended consequences.

Education is the most important part of a kid’s life. Over 50.4 million students have a disadvantage by going to public school simply because public schools are not willing to change their systems to keep up with technology.

Most homeschooling parents teach their own kids because they do not agree with the methods of public school. The setting of comfort is what gets these kids to want to learn. This is also why homeschooled kids generally outperform(cite your source Mr DeLuca. It appears you are a home schooling parent who believes he is smarter than the chemistry, math, english, reading, and science teachers combined. How do you think  Polk County educators feel about your extreme point of view?) public school students in nearly every category. There are many misconceptions with how homeschoolers are taught as well. Parents generally think that their kid will get nothing done all day or that their kid will become anti-social. I have two step-sisters who are currently homeschooled, and they are neither anti-social nor ignorant of what the real world holds.

The reason that other types of schools are progressing whereas public schools are failing is that public schools are afraid of change. The system has been the same for over one hundred years(Theodore DeLuca III could not have set foot in many public school classrooms to have made such an absurd claim), which does not work. As someone who currently goes to public school, I have seen many things that show errors in everyone’s education. For example, with everything moving digitally, all of the kids are starting to get new laptops and most also have phones. Teachers try their best to remove phones but I have seen that it does not always work. The access to the internet distracts students from the teachers and therefore, they don’t listen to the lectures. One teacher from my school recently stated, “I remember when students at least pretended to listen.”
As the technology in the world grows, the old style of lectures starts to die. Lectures, which are used in public schools, are not the best way to learn because in today’s age, it seems more a punishment than a reward. Lectures are also slowly becoming “boring” in this age as entertainment slowly takes over. There is also a large number of students who would rather learn about things that interest them but cannot because of school hindering them later in life.

People are too worried about what might go wrong if they change the system rather than considering what the benefits could be, which leaves them not changing anything(at this stage, we all know Theodore DeLuca III leans so far to the left, he is impractical and not to be viewed as having a legitimate opinion). Change is the only constant of life and this is how things should work.

Theodore DeLuca III


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  1. The article by Linda Matchan connects profoundly to this piece! Read how super sexy Miriam Morgenstern decided to end a decorated teaching career after 20 years at Lowell High School as a history and ESL teacher. Smart phones,texting, and social media are destroying the intelligentsia in the United States.

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