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   Writing Letter to The EditorThe letter written by Tim Doherty of Conroe,Texas to the editor of Courier was one I would have written had Tim not done the honors. Tim criticized Don Granger for republishing hate-filled tripe that he found on the Web. However, Doherty’s usage of the ambiguous phrase positive morals speaks to the relative nature of morality that many absolutists detest.

When one uses such a phrase as positive morals, they are just rounding up the support of like minded individuals. I do agree with Tim from a moral perspective, but feel the tone of his missive was dogmatic with no insight to the other side’s point of view. Also  letters to the Courier contained no “false wordings” of the Koran that this writer could discern.

Also, despite my minor trifles with some of his points, Doherty is an excellent financial adviser who has made money for my extended family while charging relatively modest fees and not churning us to death like some financial advisers do!


I was shocked and appalled at the hateful letters printed in The Courier Tuesday.

First, Don Granger is just republishing hateful, propaganda-filled treatises that he is pulling off the Internet. Clearly anyone with positive morals knows that his letters are full of lies and is just basically old-fashion, mundane propaganda.

Russell Knapp has his First Amendment right to his opinion. However, his logic that Islam was “designed for the control of the uneducated Arab masses and Bedouins” also can apply to Christianity. In fact, this concept could apply to all organized religions.

The Roman Emperor Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the empire in order to organize diverse peoples with diverse beliefs(I am no religious history scholar, but doubt this was the role/function of Christianity at that time). Then he called the Council of Nicaea to approve the gospels, or what we now know as the New Testament, that fit his political needs and rejected the Christian teachings he deemed politically unsettling. Those citizens who continue to believe in the unapproved teaching were deemed heretics and killed by the state. Today, theologian scholars study the few surviving banned writings to understand the roots of the teaching of Jesus as the lost gospel.

Tom Long is full of beans(equivalent to full of excrement I presume) when he stated Ruth Nasrullah of the Council of American-Islamic Relations said the paper “should stop publishing letters to the editor.” She actually said The Courier should stop publishing letters that include false wordings of passages in the Koran. But she is spitting into the wind, because everyone who reads the Opinion page regularly knows many contributors have weak ethics and are all too willing to believe and spew venomous lies to support their biased and racist opinions.

Fortunately, the vast majority of Americans know as a nation we are blessed and revel in the strength of our freedom and diversity(an unprovable claim as Tim has no idea that even 1/4 of Americans share his moral values), and reject the dishonest xenophobia and hatefulness of a small minority of our citizens.

Tim Doherty


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  1. Speaking of gifted writers, Nona G. Hartley hailing from the great state of Texas, understands the cathartic value of a heartfelt letter. She has penned literally thousands of hand written inspirational life changing missives!

  2. Doherty references ethics. Mike Paul is Crisis Management “expert” and reputation preservation professional who excoriated Lochte for his mischief in Rio. Paul cheated in multiple courses in college and now sits back in judgement. Having him as your reputation Doctor is much like having a thief work as loss prevention officer.

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