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         Writing Letter to The EditorTimothy Hanson of Lake Arrowhead  should remember that interested readers worldwide can read his letters to the editor , NOT just citizens of Lake Arrowhead, California. Mr Hanson’s grievance is against all the scofflaws who use the Arrowhead Lake Association(ALA)  facilities who are not paying members and the way money is misappropriated or misspent. Hanson exudes contempt and disdain for lowlifes who utilize services, BUT do NOT pay their dues. This is more prevalent in HOA(Home Owner’s Association, Timothy) than one might think. Many of these organizations  can impose rules on homeowners, but have no enforcement teeth. C,C, and R(Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) is an example of another homeowners entity that has zero authority over its members or NON-Members! So many parents these days set awful examples for the children they are raising with respect to decorum, integrity, honesty, and civility! 

Well this is an amazing, sick, pathetic piece of (ALA) work! Or should I say not work. Obviously a complete disregard on how to do business the proper way! They (ALA) must belong to the DONALD TRUMP SCHOOL of how to do business, screw everyone or anyone which is not themselves or related to themselves.

What is so amazing to me is that there has not been more involvement with new members and old members who care about are community. Things(ALA policy and procedure) need to change quickly. Just seeing the malicious ways of handling the monies and business practicies(sp?) and involving themselves in so many lawsuits that obviously were handled wrong from the beginning.

 I was privy(attended) to one (yes, just one) Saturday ALA meeting, and couldn’t handle more then 20 minutes. Anything that had to do with where the monies went, had to to be discussed behind closed doors. Everything that was brought up for discussion about monies could not or would not be discussed. This is and should be a open book relationship unless or course you have something to hide!

The stupidity of something so easy to fix (gate code) is another showing of the idiots leading the …(ignorant citizens blind to the fashion in which they are being explointed?) well, you know. No sooner than giving out the new code, I was asked by at least a half dozen, supposed members because of where they live (ALA area), what the new number is. My reply was to go pay your dues and find out.

You think there is a problem here? How many people who utilize our facilities DON’T pay! DUH! But what that hell, let’s just raise the rates. I was visiting the golf course lake to spend some time with my dogs. OH YAH! JOKE. There had to be 20 to 25 people, kids swimming (posted no swimming), garbage all over the place. But let’s give ALA raises and cut back on proper patrolling.

I’m sorry my frustration is oozing out, but I am with you on this, if I can help!


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