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John Ross did a brilliant job of discrediting religious zealot Phill Kline. Kline essentially believes all abortions are wrong. It does strain one’s credulity to accept that the dogmatic, unyielding Kline could have found such a position of power as the AG in the great state of Kansas.

To test the courage of Kline’s convictions, let’s let him be responsible for the rearing of the progeny of all rape victims, inveterate alcoholics, and drug addicts. And Mr. Ross, I believe it is Kline himself who is the butt of abortion jokes, not the beautiful state of Kansas.

Serious problems

I’m a little disappointed The Topeka Capital-Journal would consider anything Phill Kline has to say as worth repeating, let alone put it on the newspaper’s front page.
This is a man who disgraced the Kansas legal profession, took the law of the land and tried to change it and in turn made Kansas the brunt of many jokes.
Worst of all, however, he took a position of public trust — the attorney general’s office — and turned it into his personal bully pulpit to promote his far-right political agenda.
It may be hard for Kline and his backers in the Kansas Republican Party to realize that for most of the country abortion is a non-issue.
It would appear the one-issue zealots never understand the consequences of their actions.(This assertion does not ONLY apply to zealots, but radical political ideologues, etc)
Face it folks, there will always be abortions so long as men are irresponsible and do not live up to their obligations.
The choice is whether they are to be performed in a safe and hygienic clinic or hospital by trained physicians and nurses or in a garage or on a kitchen table where the surgical instrument of choice is a coat hanger.
This country has many serious problems that need studious consideration, and hopefully some solutions. Wasting time on issues that are of little or no real importance seems to be a shameful waste of energy.
The regret of an abortion is the law of the land, get over it and move on.

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