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Anthony Papillion’s letter to the editor of the Tulsa World hits the nail on the head. Do you remember the scene in Wall Street where father played by Martin Sheen asked son played by Charlie Sheen : “Why are you wrecking my company?” Sheen’s character replied “because it is WRECKABLE!” 

The United States Postal Service is very wreckable. I can not count the times I have stood in a long line at local post office when only one postal worker was available. Now you can not pick up a newspaper without reading about a postal employee imploring locals to oppose closures of mail processing centers or post offices. Sorry folks, your time is up for having a cushy job where you do not have to work that hard to keep it. Now you will get a chance to see what is required to cut it in the real world. To bad that you will not be able to live in the same city as all your relatives or uproot your children and put them in other schools. The rest of us have been dealing with that routinely for the last decade. 

By Anthony Papillion, Miami, Okla.

The proposed closure of the USPS’s Mail Processing Center in Tulsa is a good thing for Tulsans and a good thing for America. Instead of fighting it and worrying about the effects the closure will have on the economy, we should be celebrating it and looking for free market alternatives. 

While the USPS does not operate on tax money, the monopoly power it’s been granted by the government all but guarantees wasteful spending, inefficiency, loss of money and eventual bankruptcy. Removing the postal service’s monopoly on mail would allow competitors to enter the market, cut rates on mail delivery, and provide more efficient and innovative services to the country’s mail customers. A monopoly has no reason to be either innovative or efficient; a private company must be both or face certain death. Eliminating the USPS monopoly(this assertion of monopoly is not quite correct as the USPS has been gutted and many citizens no longer use it in lieu of email, UPS, etc) and placing the service on equal footing with its competitors would force it to innovate and change, or die.

I encourage all Tulsa residents to reconsider the wisdom of keeping the Mail Processing Center and begin to give serious thought to the alternatives that could arise if the USPS either lost its monopoly status or went away entirely. Either of those wouldn’t be a win only for Tulsa, but a win for the country as a whole.


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  1. Our home security camera shows the UPS (private sector) delivery guy litterally running back and forth between his truck and our front door step in route to leaving package on front door step. They used to ring and wait for you to sign. Now it is all about time. We have never had package stolen from our front door step. USPS is way behind which explains all the post offices shutting down across the nation.

    Oh, as a side note Papillion proved it is acceptable to use the term asshole on twitter. Anthony was upset about an abrasively critical
    tweet over sudden death of Carrie Fisher.

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