Unhealthy Lifestyle of Generation X


Writing Letter to The EditorNoel Sivertson of Roswell,NM wrote a letter to the editor titled Unhealthy lifestyles on the rise. One would be quite challenged to refute this prolific letter writer’s claim. Sivertson should be criticized for not citing the name of the internet article and author that induced him to pen an article that essentially bragged about the health of his generation.

Sivertson enumerates the health issues obesity, poor diet, higher rates of asthma, lack of exercise, and inordinate fast food consumption. He points out that the only fast food available when he was growing up was Cracker Jacks and that building up your immunity system was tantamount to playing in the dirt. There is certainly some truth to increasing your antibody count by enduring some scrapes and bruises on the playground or in your backyard.

I guess only time passing will corroborate Mr. Sivertson’s assertion that his generation will “enjoy” longer life spans than Generation Xers and those that follow.

Letter to the editor Noel Sivertson
Letter to the editor Noel Sivertson

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  1. Has anybody heard that the asthma medicine Symbicort can stunt growth in children? Lainee Hooks, at bad-drug.net, says it can lead to diminished growth in children. I would appreciate any first hand information. Thank you. I don’t trust the reports the pharmaceutical companies put out.

    1. Did you see opdivo commercial touting how much longer one could live with lung cancer? Clinical trials show that patients taking it lived an average of 9.2 months versus 6 months for those on chemotherapy treatments.

      Also, even if patients survived longer, the life extending drug could attack the body’s organs.

      So depressing to see major pharmaceuticals reporting cold statistics about drug efficacy rather than really caring about quality of life of cancer stricken patients.

  2. Sivertson mentioned our allegiance to the New Testament God Of material wealth and greed Mammon. His letter to the newspaper edited by Tim Howsare in Roswell laments the lack of financial assistance allocated for war veterans. Sivertson is quite justifiably pissed off that the nation of Israel keeps getting richer while more of the folks who fought hard for this country are living under bridges, homeless, or are in mental hospitals.

    1. Sivertson took picture of Bitter Lake bird counter and PHD biologist Jim Montgomery who worked at NMMI for many years as a teacher in the basement of Willson Hall. We knew his wife who was accountant there too. RDR article said Jim has volunteered 15000 hours to counting critters at the wildlife refuge.

  3. I wonder what type of deodorant our senior health nut used when he was growing up. The Piper Wai health conscious paste deodorant got beat up pretty bad on th Shark Tank. Don’t know why since this charcoal based armpit deodorizer contains no harmful ingredients.

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