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Agawam, Massachusetts residents tolerate the pedantic rants of former ULTRA conservative teacher Warren Parker. Warren taught in the 1950s and is indignant over public schools issuing rubbers to their amorous students. As we all know, rubbers aka condoms prevent highly mobile aggressive sperm cells from uniting with egg cells thereby preventing an unwanted pregnancy.  If Mr Harper wants to financially support all the progeny begat by in heat 16 year old females, then we can quit distributing condoms in middle and high school.

Warren defiantly fought against excessive permissive thinking in his classrooms while enforcing stern iron fist discipline. His arrogance over his “superior teaching style” oozes from his supercilious words. He is a narrow minded dogmatic pedagogue who vociferously attacks the moral compass of the younger generation. 

Mr educator Harper uses the phrase so-called educator 4 times in his invective laced article attacking all teachers who do not see things his way!

Many so-called educators, too many “modern” thinking parents along with Dr. Spock threw common sense out the window. They advocated more freedom, less discipline. I fought openly against the permissive thinking and enforced(before you were forced to resign?) sensible discipline in my classrooms. Making children behave like they should without worrying about warping their personalities, only made “common sense.”

For 10 years I enjoyed the teaching field but it was easy to see what was coming – and it is here now. Lack of respect for themselves and others, a don’t give a damn attitude, do as I please thinking, etc. We see this throughout our society and it’s no wonder we have serious social problems.

We’ve raised a generation of too many thinking “all for me, the hell with you.” Old fashioned ways of concern, compassion for others, respect, law abiding citizens, decency and good character seem to have gone by the wayside.

Is it too late to wake up, turn things around and go back to using some common sense?(What you call common sense old man, does not appear to be so common these days) Time will give us the answer. I’m hopeful that the next ridiculous permissiveness in schools is not for the distribution of drugs. But some so-called educators will claim the drugs will help the kids relax and find school more “enjoyable.”


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  1. I golfed a few times with Warren and he was highly critical of the lax nature of our public school system with respect sexual relations. I believe Steven Beebe and him served in the military doing a tour in Philippines. His military background probably explain his emphasis on discipline, but I tend to agree with Warren, who passed away not too long ago, on matters related to the deterioration of our morals and common decency.

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