Writing Letter to The Editor      One could almost visualize the pulsating jugular artery of Judith Bray-Garrison as she castigated The Warren County Board for closing the nutrition program for the elderly in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. Her excoriation of Warren County for locating section 8 residents in her home town is understandable and I do not blame Judith for being pissed off about the addition of the lowlife, low income type of people who qualify for section 8 apartments and rental properties. I don’t see why the county would care more about younger people who survive off of government handouts than retired elderly folk who worked hard all their lives anticipating a comfortable retirement. I admire Judith for attacking the powers that be for their abysmal lack of logic for closing senior nutrition program in her hometown, but NOT the programs in Washington, Hackettstown and Blairstown. Alas, we all know that most politicians have forked tongues. 


It is beyond my comprehension that the Warren County Board or Chosen Freeholders would even think of closing the nutrition program to the elder citizens in Phillipsburg. What are these Freeholders thinking?(They are thinking old folks won’t fight back)

Most of these people who attend the program daily are well up in their years and will find it difficult to travel to another facility even if you are providing bus service. For some this is the only nutritious meal they get daily and will be in dire need once this program is closed.

It has been mentioned that the legion (Bennardine May American Legion Post 457) building isn’t good enough for this program even though it’s been held there for years but the legion gets no funding from the county or the town for the upkeep of the building and does the best they can with what little money is raised by the members. The rent charged for the use of the building just covers the use of the utilities incurred by the program but has welcomed the seniors who participate in this program.

I for one am sick and tired of Phillipsburg being the “Bastard Child” of Warren County. It’s OK to dump all the welfare and section 8 in our town but now you won’t take care of our elderly citizens in the area? Why, if the reason for closing Phillipsburg is to centralize the program are Washington, Hackettstown and Blairstown remaining open?(excellent question that demands to be answered by freeholders!) To me one of these facilities should close and keep Phillipsburg open for those in that part of the county.

These citizens have worked hard all their lives, raised families and now are being kicked to the curb to save a few bucks? How much will it be costing in fuel to bus everyone around the county?(Probably at least as much as what it would cost to keep the senior nutrition program intact)

If this program is closed, I will be thinking very hard when it comes to the next freeholders re-election.(about ousting the scoundrels that are letting this travesty take place!!)

Disappointed and beyond mad(livid to the point of attack!) at what you are trying to do.




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