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Writing Letter to The EditorWayne Madden of Bluffdale has remarkable insight into the manner in which con men win the confidence of their victims. Wonder how he knows so much about con man psychology? 

Wayne contests the view of Richard Burt who maintains that Obama straight faced lied to the American people regarding the ACA. I find it rather stunning that the masses still are incredulous when they discover that a high level politician has prevaricated for the purpose of getting elected.

Around 50% of the populace does not vote in presidential elections for a reason. That reason would be even marginally intelligent people realize candidates will say or do what is necessary to get elected AND then there is little to no accountability.

Oh yeah Wayne, you speak(pejoratively?) of dictators and kings. Don’t forget the United States government is still a 250 year experiment. Rule by dictators and kings was the norm and worked OK for around 2500 years prior to the emergence of democracy.

In response to Richard Burt’s comments (“Honest president,” ), he is correct about one thing(he was actually correct about more than one thing): now is a bad time for President Obama. He is getting tremendous heat from within his own party — Democrats who are up for re-election next year are starting to distance themselves from him and his plans.

Did he intentionally lie? That’s quite hard(impossible) to prove, and he knows that(like any good con man). But remember, the best con men are the ones who draw you into their confidence. The more they smile and joke around with you, the better they draw you in. Even after you realize you’ve been “taken,” you still find it hard to accept that they did something like that to you.

Please remember that politics are a very powerful and addictive drug. Also consider this: If Obamacare is now the law of the land, does one individual have the power to change that law? According to history, the only ones able to do things like that were dictators and kings.

Wayne Maden



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