You mean to tell me that some people still pay their bills via snail mail?


Judy Huddleston wrote a letter to the editor of the RDR admitting she still pays her bills by scribbling out a check. She took her DISH satellite tv bill to the post office on Pennsylvania and it took 10 days for the bill payment to arrive and be posted in Illinois . Judy, my apologies if you are doing this because you enjoy the social aspect. My grandfather enjoyed getting up a little late after he had retired and making his first outing of the day a stroll to the post office. Gave him a way to talk to neighbors while on his way to post office without making it look like he was making special visit to some of the more reclusive subdivision denizens.

Roswell outgoing mail is now routed through Lubbock Texas which explains some of the delay. The rest of the delay is due to Judy’s inexplicable reluctance to use online bill pay. Paying your bills online is free and secure at places places like Charles Schwab Bank or Pioneer Bank.

People who refuse to change with the times are why huge trucks are still lumbering down the freeway loaded with mail, belching emissions and wasting gas. Paying your bills online wastes no resources and is free. You also have an easy to retrieve record of all the bills you have paid. How could you not make the switch?


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