Americans Teaching in The United Arab Emigrates


A friend of my sisters was offered a math teaching job in the United Arab Emigrates. She could not accept because of exigent family issues, but has maintained contact with a couple of Americans who work there and love it.

They have only been there a little over a year so the honeymoon may eventually wane, but they say that their take home pay covers and exceeds their cost of living MUCH MORE than teaching salaries in the United States do! They are able to save over 1200 USD per month and are able to travel and dine at nice restaurants in the UAE.

I believe the schools who hired them covered all traveling expenses during the interview process including rental car expenses, a lengthy stay in a posh hotel, and fine dining.

All the bad press Dubai has been criticized for regarding human rights violations of┬áthe large South Asian workforce is a little overblown, although some injustices in the work place do exist. That is no different than the United States though where around one million Americans employed by Walmart are always whining that they are underpaid. In this writer’s opinion, those employed by Walmart get paid about what they are worth and it is their problem that they did not work hard enough in school to find a decent job.



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