Can you find a job soon? INDEED you can!


Don’t look now, but Indeed is becoming the Google of job search.

Indeed announced today that it has exceeded 100 million unique visitors worldwide. Depending on how you measure progress, this internet job finding company is now bigger than Monster.

Indeed said it is involved in more than half of online job searches in the United States and placed more people in jobs last year than CareerBuilder, LinkedIn and Monster combined. In particular,  rapid growth took place in Russia, India, South Africa, Australia and Japan.

Since its inception in 2004, Indeed has operated as an aggregator of job listings, retrieving them  across the internet from a variety of sources which is, of course, what the word aggregate means. Indeed culls job leads and descriptions and publishes the information conveniently for job seekers worldwide.

Monster Worldwide  has gone in the opposite direction selling or exiting operations in China, Mexico, Brazil and Turkey. Monster has also executed two rounds of layoffs in the last year, and is restructuring to a more targeted company.

Indeed’s site has the same distraction free look as Google’s and it earns revenues in a fashion similar to the internet search engine behemoth.



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  1. I got out of the Army in 2008 and became familiar with during my outprocessing from the Army. I just learned today that there is a forum for this website? I feel disoriented when it comes to using the internet to find work.

    I have been posting my resume and searching for a job since 2008 using indeed, careerbuilder,, etc, etc. and I have never once gotten an interview or job offer using the internet. I have worked various jobs that I found via newspaper adds for the past 4 years. It is tearing me up because I can’t get anything that pays what I use to make as a soldier.

    I feel like my current employment under-utilizes my skill set. Am I doing it wrong? How do people actually ever get a job from the internet? It seems like a huge waste of my time every time I fill out an on-line application or search for hours for jobs that are either long gone or are not even real in the first place. If there are all these jobs being posted all the time, then how do I get one? I feel like I have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting an interview using one of these job search websites. Please provide me with some guidance

    1. A lot of the frustration associated with applying for jobs online is related to the automated character of computers culling through the applications and weeding out applicants with the dreaded gaps in employment, not being at any one job for a long enough duration, insult former employer, contradictory information in your curriculum vitae, and other items that Alison Doyle feels can be show-stoppers.

      I know the word is hackneyed, but one has to be PROACTIVE and we all know networking and informal hookups with the right kind of people can get you hired a lot faster than waiting around for a computer sifting through a ginormous numbers of applications.

  2. Don’t waste your time applying for a job with pathology consultants in Roswell,NM. My daughter submitted 3 solid references, did well on their typing and grammar test for Transcription/case entry position. The interviewer made sound like she was a top candidate going off about how family oriented they were. They never called my daughter back or reply to her emails or phone calls. The pay was only 11 dollars per hour anyway!

    1. Hal Rhodes did not “reflect” much when he erroneously posits Workforce Solutions as an oxymoronic job placement entity. He never cites any substantive proof that they are negligent. Instead, Rhodes appears upset at voluminous emails from NMDWS that queue up in his email inbox. He has job which appears to be primarily getting paid to pen poorly researched tripe in the Roswell Daily Record. Do a better job Hal or you may have apply at Workforce Solutions.

    2. I agree. It is a waste of time to apply with pathology consultants in Roswell,NM. They have a monthly ad in newspaper for the same billing position indicating very HIGH turnover. The pay is around twelve dollars per hour. They want you to submit three references and take a test for low paying job!

    3. Pathology consultants(Roswell New Mexico) has perpetual medical biller employment opportunity ads in RDR. They are so desperate for a stable employee who will last more than a few months that they are now offering $2000 sign on bonus that will be paid after completion of a probationary period of an undisclosed length of time. Probably at least 6 months of making $11 per hour for coding,contracting,in depth knowledge of federal regulations and revenue cycle management. They also expect you to pass a drug screen test. Good luck in a town like Roswell full of meth heads and alcoholics! High turnover rates ravage employers who are too greedy to pay a decent wage.

      Also there is no phone contact provided in the want ad only the email address

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