High Alert for the Cathy Ames of the World


Deadly Love TriangleIn high school it is quite common for a girl to “play two or more dudes” at once. It is usually quite innocent with no ill will intended. Sometimes the guys will fight over the girl or just move on to a girl at another high school. Look how it is in nature. Three or four bears will compete and fight for the attention of female bear. Humans are part of the animal kingdom and will fight and preen for the opportunity to mate. Its all natural and just the way the world is.

As a girl mature into a woman, her search for a man to be the father of her children becomes more serious and business like. If she wants to marry and have kids, she should discard all the games she played in high school and take the man’s feelings into account.

Many readers remember the evil character, Cathy Ames, in Steinbeck’s book. She literally knew how to drive a man crazy with her subtle and not so subtle romantic overtures. Every man that came into contact with her suffered immensely and she derived pleasure from inflicting pain and anxiety on them.

In high school, these type of girls got away with it because the stakes were not nearly as high in puppy love. However, a woman who conducts herself like Cathy Ames should be punished like a criminal and locked up to prevent her from inflicting agonizing, life changing pain on honest men who fall under her spell and duplicity.

Remember that males are not very discerning when a pretty girl shows interest in them. They can easily fall for insincere romantic gestures and have their hearts ripped out. I’m not saying that guys don’t do the same thing to women, but women are so much smarter and better at it that the male has to be made aware of their sophistry and tricks when it comes to the game of love.

Guys, take this a warning to not end up like Cathy Ame’s English teacher. Read East of Eden if you want to know how he perished under her influence.


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