More Convenience Store Violence


Deadly Love Triangle         Crimes of the heart are common. I know as a younger man there was a time where I ran into an old flame at the movies one night. She was with an older guy who was not treating her with respect and I am glad I did not have a gun then. In the heat of passion, our judgement is frequently clouded.

I am guessing that David Clements wishes he did not have a firearm that fateful Sunday night at an Allsup’s.  Suspect Clements, driving with his current girlfriend and her mother, saw a 50 year old man at the convenience store apparently with one of David’s previous romantic interests.

According to the excellent article written up by the RPD, the 50 year old man approached Clements’ pickup at which point Clements shot the man in the leg with sawed off shotgun. A possibility is that the the woman Clements was with was an ex of the the 50 year old. This is, of course, speculation, but the shooting was caused by a love triangle where two points of the triangle are jealous males fighting over the other female point.

This one will be a tough call if it is true that the 50 year old unnamed man did approach Clements’ pickup without any provocation as David could plead self-defense. On the other hand, the newspaper photograph displays a deeply angry countenance of a guy driving around with an altered shotgun. Will be interesting to follow the case.

It is unfortunate commentary on our society that Allsup’s appears in the news more often for robberies and violence than for being that reliable convenience store that every city needs.



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  1. The live footage of the Virginia TV reporters double homicide was quickly deleted from u tube. There are rogue sites that have it for a price, but sites are temporary for obvious reasons.

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