Bell Jar Snippet


The only trouble was, Church, even the Catholic Church, didn’t take up the whole of your life. No matter how much you knelt and prayed, you still had to eat three meals a day and have a job and live in the world.

This powerful and practical passsge from The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath could not be more substantive in an age where suicide is frequent and its contemplation even more frequent. Arthur Schopenhauer wrote that references to the world in religious texts often were equivalent to bad.

Plath succumbed to suicide partially because she had to live in this world full of temptation and conflict. She spoke of switching back and forth between Catholicism and Unitarianism in a fashion that indicates religion is not effective relief for the miseries of our existence.

She was labeled clinically depressed, but perhaps she was one of the many suicides who saw the world the way it is.



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