Blank is what Blankers do


This short piece is about a disappointment noted while scanning Philosophy Bites by Edmonds and Warburton.

Near the beginning of the ambiguously titled tome(Bites refers to relatively small text segments rather than being a sort of negative verb as used by many teens these days) Robert Adams was asked to define the term philosophy.

His response was entirely insufficient. This ostensibly professional philosopher declared that philosophy is what philosophers do. The written medium does not usually permit readers to know whether Mr Adams disclosed his profound insight with a straight face.

To put his error in proper perspective, consider harmony is what harmonizers do OR pedagogy is what pedagogues do. One can go on here ad infinitum with examples illustrating the hollow absurdity of Robert’s ¬†assertion. Elementary philosophy textbooks speak of circular definitions.

Enough said about flaw in a work that did a nice job covering topics like minority rights, tolerance, and infinity. I wish, given today’s nasty caustic abrasive political climate, more had been written about the liberal/conservative divide in the United States of America. Overall review of Philosophy Bites is B.


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