Charles Sanders Peirce’s Faulty Teleology


In every from of material manifestation, there is a corresponding form of human thought, so that the human mind is as wide in its range of thought as the physical universe which it thinks.

This quote by Charles Sanders Peirce sounds almost logical and coherent, but it is marred  and flawed by a man who believes in in a supernatural benevolent universal force referred to as God by most folks. Louis Menand was kind enough to include the quote in his magnum opus titled The Metaphysical Club. Mr Peirce described himself as an idealist believing nonsense such as our minds are designed by the universe which is why we understand the cosmos so well.

The bolded out quote is not quite as obscurely worded as some of the tripe penned by Hegel, but is still sufficiently vague so as to be easily labeled as bullshit.


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