Didn’t Robin Williams Believe This?


To call what follows metaphysics could certainly be branded as a false categorization. Let’s just say metaphysics deals with THE TRUTH regarding human happiness.

As a younger man I could not tell you how many times I heard or read about the fear of growing old alone. Settle down, raise a family, make your mark in life were all common pieces of advice emanating from well intentioned people who appeared to have my best interests at heart.

Sure, I met many good people, but also became quite familiar with the inconstancy of friendship and the many opportunists trying to exploit friendship for their own gain. This led me to not search for friendship, but to notice sincerity and love in others behavior. If you are in the friendship search mode, it is much easier for your guard to be down and to be taken advantage of.

One true tragedy of our existence is to believe that growing old alone is a depressing unbearable outcome. An absolutely  wretched existence is that where one is surrounded by by people, possibly family, who make them feel ALONE and isolated.

All of this is especially relevant during the Christmas holiday season where many of us are bombarded with reminders of people who used to be in our lives. I hope you all find peace. Take care.


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