Exploiters and the Exploited


The Open Society and its Enemies by Karl Popper is one of the most idea dense books I have had a relationship with. You know the book that has its place in the bathroom next to the commode withstanding water stains, footprints, and getting read one page at a time.

Yes, its is possible to write about a single pithy sentence in this book which attacks historicism.  That sentence in this case is “capitalism is condemned  because by forcing the exploiter to enslave the exploited it robs both of their freedom.”  The only beef I have with this declaration is how is it the the exploiter is losing any liberty or freedom?

Here exploiter most certainly means businessman or entrepreneur and the exploited are employees or those who serve the  risk takers. Workers effectively become wage slaves which reminds me much of a chess player named Andy who used to live in and teach Spanish in Hobbs, New Mexico. Mr Hanson would agree that Labor Power is effectively a commodity. This means that workers who start grumbling can be replaced by those of a more even and tolerant temperament who will put up with injustices in the work place in order to survive and feed their family.


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  1. Craig Abalos, of Roswell NM, believes all the money should be distributed uniformly to all the people.

    He appears to be a low income dreamer type who resents businessmen who make much more money than him.

    He had no discernible job skills other than bellyaching in the newspaper that rich people should give up some of their hard earned money for ambitionless Bohemians like him.

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