Hope and Faith are Transitory but Necessary


Atheist Andre Comte-Sponville has some thought provoking commentary on the nature of Hope and Faith. His observations these two mightily important aspects of the human condition are simple enough to agree with after his exposition, but something that had never occurred to me.

The French philosopher argues that hope and faith are attributes of us mortals that will only be absent after our passage into an afterlife. Hope in heaven and faith in God will vanish after we make our way to heaven. The pair remain with those who have strong convictions until their dying day and are replaced by eternal love.

Our soul only needs hope and faith in that flash of time it incarnates a physical body. After that we are all aborbed into the oneness of God Almighty by an unbreakable love.

Comte-Sponville believed the logical structure of this despite his unwavering assertion we can NOT know what happens after we die.


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  1. The Houston TX USA flood disaster is yet another example of the absurdity of belief in God.

    Victims of the natural calamity actually prayed the tropical storm Harvey would stop dumping rain. Not one of them thought of just a quick prayer to the good lord for the storm to have remained in Gulf of Mexico .

    Chalk one up for the Atheists.

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