Mindfulness Exposed


Consider the following exercise that can make one understand the profound implications of mindfulness maybe.

Sit in a dark room by yourself or alone by a pond at night or anywhere else there is solitude and the silence of nature. Begin to take hold of your breath.  Yield to the thought  to use  your finger to point to yourself and then instead of pointing to your body,  point away in the opposite direction. Concentrate on seeing yourself outside of your bodily form. Concentrate on seeing your  bodily self present before you in the trees , the grass, the leaves, the river.  Be mindful  that you’re in the universe and the universe is in you.

Boy that had me going for a minute until I pondered what it could possibly mean for the universe to be in me. Would that mean the 2000 degree magma from within a volcano would be in me?!  The part about seeing yourself outside your body was induced by Native America Indians ingesting peyote. Right Bill Maher?

As great as mindfulness sounds, it is almost as self delusional  as many of the revealed religions where one is expected to believe there is a supernatural force that cares about a particular life form on this planet.



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