This Man Cried Wolf in a totally Different Way


Had Mark Rowlands not divulged that Brenin was a wolf, very few readers of The Philosopher and The Wolf would have discerned as much. Rowlands spoke about his ten year companion in evocatively anthrocentric language with references to experience, sagicity, introspection, and patience that would induce his two legged counterparts to blush with pride!

What impressed me the most about the Miami philosopher’s Weltanschauung was his Nietzschean human all too human way of marginalizing human beings as weirdly affected  animals. He casually dismisses the standard list of attributes that distinuguish us as being superior to the other animials.

His characterization of human beings as animals that believe the stories they tell about themselves is quite profound. Put more simply simply, humans are credulous animals with credulity being a short step in the direction of hostility.

Mark, If you get a chance to read this, I wonder if you would endorse my view that the only thing special about  humans is they think they are special.  Yes, indeed people have a predilection for overlooking the aspects of ourselves we find repugnant, marching forward arrogantly believing there is a pleasant place for us after we perish.


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